Incident Readiness, Testing and Response Services

Powered by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU), our threat-informed incident readiness, testing and response services help organizations respond quickly, mitigate impact, and bolster security.


The Modern Threat Landscape

The current landscape and trends require organizations to transform their approach to cybersecurity for increased readiness.

Network Effect

Increasing Likelihood of an Attack

New technologies and BYO devices are expanding the attack surface, and adversaries are becoming more skilled and motivated.


Meeting Growing Demand for Readiness

Regulators, cyber insurers, and partners focus on risk mitigation, requiring demonstrable efforts to help with preparedness.

Custom Security

Building Cyber Resilience

Incident preparedness is an ongoing process requiring strong planning, testing and an understanding of objectives and threats.


Incident Management Retainer

Access Secureworks’ services with an incident readiness and response retainer and help transform your approach for incident readiness and resilience.


Plan & Assess

Secureworks provides services to help you understand current state, identify areas of weakness or existing compromise, and expert guidance to enable pragmatic and risk-based improvements.

Threat Hunting Assessment

Comprehensive point-in-time evaluation to identify undetected threats and gaps, and provide a security baseline.

Vulnerability Assessment

A point-in-time scan and expert-led assessment that helps uncover vulnerabilities and quickly prioritize a plan.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Comprehensive examination of your organization’s ransomware defense capability and incident readiness plan.

Active Directory Assessment

Targeted technical assessment to identify misconfigurations and security control gaps in your Active Directory.

Incident Readiness Advisory Services

Develop and review incident response documentation – from cyber incident response plans (CIRP) to playbooks.

Battle Test & Exercise

Secureworks provides services to validate and test security controls, as well as evaluate and exercise your prevention, detection and response capabilities.

Penetration Testing

Review your environment, validate your defenses, and identify gaps in your security controls with hands-on tests.

Application Security Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and flaws in your external or internal applications and gain actionable recommendations.

Adversary Exercises

Exercise your Blue Team and measure detection and response capabilities with collaborative, simulated attacks.

Table Top Exercise

Practice incident response plans, identify pitfalls, and create heightened awareness with simulated exercises.

Other Exercises & Training

Secureworks offers a vast selection of targeted training and exercises for technical and non-technical audiences.

Incident Response

Secureworks provides Emergency Incident Response to complement preventative and proactive efforts when an emergency strikes.

Emergency Incident Response

Respond to incidents with an accredited team of seasoned experts delivering full-scale response support.

About Secureworks Counter Threat Unit


Secureworks Incident Response, Readiness and Testing portfolio is designed to combine the strengths of the Counter Threat Unit.


Cross-Functional Experts

The CTU is made up of experts across response, testing, and hunting, complemented by our research and engineering experts.

Machine Learning

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Secureworks brings you the latest threat intelligence, bolstered by CTU offensive and defensive security research.

Superior Detection


3000+ incident response and adversarial tests annually providing continuous insights into common organizational weakness.

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit by the Numbers


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Advanced Degrees Including 4 PhDs




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IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Assessment

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