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                Cybersecurity Insights and Fundamentals on a Variety of Industry Topics

                What is Open XDR

                If you've heard the buzz about XDR, you've probably come across the terms open and native as related to XDR solutions. But, between open XDR and native XDR, what is the difference? And what does this mean applied to your unique security landscape?

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                Helping your organization understand and address common cybersecurity challenges.


                  What is Ransomware?

                  Recent headlines have brought increased visibility to an age-old problem, which continues to evolve: ransomware. It remains a revenue-generating venture for attackers. A modern approach is required to stay ahead of the adversary.


                  What is XDR?

                  This fundamental guide to XDR (extended detection and response) will explain how XDR is a holistic approach to defending against today’s advanced cyber threats. Find out the benefits and approaches to XDR, as well as the problems it can solve for your organization.


                  Endpoint Security: Enhanced Visibility via XDR and EDR

                  Learn more about why endpoint security is increasingly important and how endpoint detection and response and extended detection and response technologies provide visibility into threats that may evade other tools.


                  Understanding Managed XDR

                  Most analysts aren’t even formally covering XDR as a category yet—let alone XDR as a managed service. That said, let’s get you up to speed on a cybersecurity innovation that has not yet become commonplace enough to get much attention from analysts, the press, or industry organizations: Managed XDR.


                  What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

                  Vulnerabilities constantly emerge within new networks, web applications, and databases. Eliminate these exposures to protect critical IT assets and safeguard sensitive information.


                  What is Cloud Security?

                  Understand the ecosystem of policies, standards, processes, controls, and technologies that aim to secure cloud computing resources.


                  A Guide to Proactive Incident Response Readiness

                  Learn more about the lifecycle of incident response and how to develop a cybersecurity incident response plan for your organization.


                  What is Network Security Testing?

                  Test security controls across your network to identify and demonstrate vulnerabilities and determine security risks.


                  What is Threat Hunting?

                  The goal of threat hunting is to convert operational challenges into strengths. It is a force-multiplier, occupying the space between threat intelligence, security operations, and incident response.


                  What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

                  Actionable information that can guide security strategy and alert organizations to ongoing and emerging threats.

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