Next Generation Antivirus

Prevention is key: Secureworks Taegis™ NGAV adds robust antivirus capabilities to Taegis XDR and prevents threats from reaching your systems while giving investigations greater endpoint context.

Why Taegis NGAV

Reduce Threats and Maximize Endpoint Security Effectiveness

Prevent Threats Endpoints

Prevent Threats Before They Reach Your Endpoints

Automatically prevent and block endpoint attacks using highly effective machine learning.

Optimize Overall Endpoint Security With Greater Context

Optimize protection from known and unknown attacks by combining prevention with the rich telemetry data from the Taegis agent.
Managed Web

Enjoy Next Generation System Performance

Less strain on your system with scan times 7x less and CPU usage nearly 9x less than MS Defender.

How Taegis Endpoint Protection Prevents In-The-Wild Malware


Advanced Endpoint Prevention for Enhanced Security

Taegis NGAV endpoint prevention enhances the protection, investigation and security responses from Taegis XDR.

Essential Next Generation Endpoint Protection and Prevention

Taegis next generation endpoint protection complements Taegis XDR’s advanced detection and response capabilities.

  • Optimizes prevention, investigation and responses from within Taegis XDR or Taegis ManagedXDR
  • Uncovers zero-day and advanced malware attacks on endpoint systems
  • Detects weaponized scripts, documents and macro attacks by analyzing both file-based and file-less scripts

Buyer's Guide

How To Select an XDR Solution for Your Organization

Taegis Next Generation AI Protection

Advanced endpoint protection and prevention with all the advantages of a modern endpoint security solution.

  • Low device resource usage with AI and machine learning running locally on the endpoint
  • Needs no signature updates to offer protection on or offline
  • Advanced AI models designed for specific use cases and to perform with high detection efficacy

Automated Integration Within the Taegis XDR Console

Taegis NGAV endpoint protection delivers low management overheads and automated alerting from within the Taegis console.

  • Quickly download and deploy the Taegis NGAV agent onto selected endpoints.
  • Easily manage actions like adding users and configuring endpoint security policies.
  • Minimal management is required as Taegis NGAV automatically posts alert and event data into Taegis XDR

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