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              SecureWorks IT Security Leaders Roundtable

              CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs share their insights on communicating with Board of Directors and C-Suites on cybersecurity strategy

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              Seeing The Unseen

              Detecting the Advanced Persistent Threat: Learn how threat hunting delivers high certainty in detecting compromise


              Targeted Threat Hunting

              Find the unknown threat through a deep inspection of your network by our experts

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              Intelligence-Driven Security Solutions from the Very Beginning

              Many refer to intelligence-driven security solutions as the "next generation" of security. We’ve been intelligence-driven since 1999, building solutions to take advantage of our global visibility and the power of the Counter Threat PlatformTM, our advanced data analytics and insights engine.


              Clients in 59 Countries


              Cyber-Events Processed Daily

              Call for Speakers:
              2017 Enterprise Security Summit

              Join our annual client conference April 19-21, 2017 in Atlanta, GA to discuss the latest insights on combating Advanced Threats, trends in Hybrid IT, Threat Intelligence and so much more.
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              Latest Insights

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