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                Reporting to the Board: A Toolkit for CISOs

                Establish your role as a trusted advisor and build a better relationship with your board

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                Threat Intelligence Executive Report 2018: Vol 2

                Review the events and trends from the information security world for January and February 2018

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                A Year in Incident Response

                Secureworks IR experts shed light on what hundreds of engagements uncovered about risks, remedies and best practices in the face of cyber threats

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                Supercharge your iSensor® with Advanced Malware Protection and Detection Technology

                Add a Deep Content Inspection™ network sandbox with simplified cloud deployment

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                We Outpace the Threats. You Outpace the Competition.

                In today’s digitally connected world, your security program should enable your organization as well as protect it. At Secureworks, we partner with you to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether, helping you grow and innovate with confidence.

                Dell Technologies World

                A Digital Revolution Just Happened. Watch It On Replay.

                KEY STATS

                web api testing

                Clients in 55+ Countries

                malware code analysis

                Security Events Processed Daily

                managed policy compliance

                Expert Security Analysts, Researchers and Responders

                SEC OCIE

                Years of Attack and Threat Actor Group Data

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                The Human Factor

                Identifying Threats With Next-Generation Antivirus

                Case Studies

                From a Reactive to Proactive Defense Posture

                With a large attack surface and many threat actors, a global chemical firm hardened its defenses with resident expertise,threat intelligence and fast incident response support.

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