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                Threat Intelligence Report 2019: Volume 3

                From LockerGoga ransomware to SharePoint vulnerabilities, read the trends and news from the cybersecurity industry from March and April.

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                CIOs are from Mars, CISOs are from Venus

                The yin and yang relationship of the CIO and the CISO.

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                Why a Glitch Might Be More Than You Think

                Discover why small glitches could be threat actors playing in an organization's network.

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                We’re Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

                As the world leader in cybersecurity solutions, Secureworks combines machine learning with human intelligence to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether.

                Now—We’re Putting the Power in Your Hands

                We’re proud to introduce Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response, the first in a suite of applications that puts our intelligence and expertise in your hands.

                Meet Red Cloak

                Helping You Secure Human Progress

                By combining the power of advanced analytics with the security expertise and experience of our teams, we enable you to focus more on what matters.

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                Unmatched Intelligence, Unmatched Expertise

                Only Secureworks brings 20 years of industry knowledge, advanced analytics, world-leading threat intelligence and the network effect of over 4000 clients.

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                Secureworks is taking Access, our security education conference, on the road!

                Join us in a city near you for this one-day event designed to help you navigate security insights, innovations and business priorities.

                KEY STATS

                web api testing


                Clients in 50+ Countries

                malware code analysis

                Up to 310B

                Security Events Processed Daily

                managed policy compliance


                Expert Security Analysts, Researchers and Responders

                SEC OCIE


                Years of Attack and Threat Actor Group Data

                Latest Insights

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