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              Webcast: Key Principles for Managing Cloud Security Risk

              Understand the importance of cloud security, common misconceptions and how to go about managing the risk

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              What GDPR Means for your Security Strategy

              Appropriate Cybersecurity: Understanding the implications for your organization

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              SecOps and IT in the Age of Cloud and Agile

              EMA Report explains how integrating security operations with IT delivers significant value

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              Intelligence-Driven Security Solutions from the Very Beginning

              Many refer to intelligence-driven security solutions as the "next generation" of security. We’ve been intelligence-driven since 1999, building solutions to take advantage of our global visibility and the power of the Counter Threat PlatformTM, our advanced data analytics and insights engine.
              The Secret Sauce To Managing A Ransomware Crisis (Or Any Breach)

              The Secret Sauce To Managing A Ransomware Crisis (Or Any Breach)

              SecureWorks CTO, Jon R. Ramsey, explains how supercharging your cross-functional communication is key to weathering the storm.

              KEY STATS

              web API testing


              Clients in 61 Countries

              malware code analysis


              Security Events Processed Daily

              managed policy compliance


              Expert Security Analysts, Researchers and Responders

              SEC OCIE


              Years of Attack and Threat Actor Group Data

              Latest Insights

              Data Sheets

              Security Monitoring

              Detect, prevent and respond to threats with intelligence-driven monitoring in real time


              Managing Vendor Risk

              Break down vendors into different tiers, determine the business risk and apply controls accordingly


              Merger & Acquisition Advisement

              Ensure cybersecurity due diligence is part of the strategic merger and acquisition conversation early, assess your exposure and mitigate risk

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