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              Threat Intelligence Executive Report 2019: Vol. 2

              Including developing trends and news from the cybersecurity industry for January and February

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              The World is Changing Because of Digital Transformation

              Not just how individuals use technology, but also how technology changes an organizations horizon of possibility. The question is, can your security strategy keep up with the pace of change?

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              Webcast: Advancing Security Operations with MDR

              How MDR provides contextualized visibility to advance your security operations and overall security posture

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              We Outpace the Threats. You Outpace the Competition.

              In today’s digitally connected world, your security program should enable your organization as well as protect it. At Secureworks, we partner with you to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether, helping you grow and innovate with confidence.

              Dell Technologies World
              Unlock the Digital Future

              Discover Dell Technologies’ vision for the future.

              KEY STATS

              web api testing


              Clients in 50+ Countries

              malware code analysis

              Up to 290B

              Security Events Processed Daily

              managed policy compliance


              Expert Security Analysts, Researchers and Responders

              SEC OCIE


              Years of Attack and Threat Actor Group Data

              Latest Insights

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