Network Detection and Response

Block 99%* of malicious activity on the network with Secureworks Taegis™ NDR. Prevent, detect and respond to threats through the power of curated countermeasures and an advanced AI engine.

Why Taegis NDR

Reduce Risk with Integrated Threat Prevention and Response

Superior Detection

Detect More

Inspect inbound, outbound, and inter-network traffic to greatly reduce the risk of a breach using up-to-date countermeasures, AI-based detectors, and available automations.

Custom Security

Block Threats

Automated response actions can contain and mitigate network threats without the need for manual intervention or negatively impacting network traffic.

Enhanced Visibility

Seamless Integration

When integrated with Taegis XDR, telemetry is correlated across threat vectors to elevate threats that may seem benign when analyzed individually.


Protect Your Network Using Threat Intelligence

Go beyond traditional network security by combining powerful Network Detection and Response (NDR) capabilities with advanced threat prevention.

Superior Network Detection

Unlock the power of the Taegis platform and Taegis NDR to scour your network traffic 24/7 for threat actor activity.

  • East-West and North-South monitoring for internal and external traffic visibility provides more opportunities to detect and block threats
  • Blocks 99% of malicious activity identified on the network before they can make an impact
  • AI engine analyzes network traffic for anomalous application and port usage such as data exfiltration or ransomware attacks

Automated Response

Taegis NDR includes the capability to automatically prevent malicious traffic from traversing the network based on curated countermeasures tuned to the threat landscape.

  • Reduce risk by activating automated response for immediate protection without impacting desired traffic
  • Prevents threats with in-line blocking, eliminating the time and effort of manual responses
  • Full integration into Taegis SOAR capabilities for remediation actions when necessary

Powerful Threat Intelligence

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) research and curated countermeasures are included in Taegis NDR to help keep you ahead of threat actors.

  • Over tens-of-thousands countermeasures developed and maintained by the CTU
  • Daily updates to countermeasures block nearly 1 million threats per month
  • Countermeasures are constantly updated based on research of real-world threats

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with the Taegis XDR platform provides central management and more holistic visibility and protection.

  • Whether used independently or with Taegis XDR, the Taegis platform provides centralized management for NDR, along with unlimited direct access to our SOC through chat
  • Full integration with Taegis XDR provides more holistic visibility and correlation of data from all telemetry sources to enable enhanced lateral movement detection and richer investigations
  • Check device health, registration keys, ability to issue allows and/or blocks in near real time, and detailed change reports available
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Expert Device Management and Support

Shed the burden of keeping your network security technology up to date as Secureworks maintains and updates Taegis NDR on your behalf.

  • Save time and resources that can be deployed elsewhere
  • Software updates and configuration changes are handled by Secureworks
  • Monitoring and patching for critical vulnerabilities done by Secureworks
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