Vulnerability Management

Secureworks Taegis™ VDR provides a risk-based approach to managing vulnerabilities driven by automated & intelligent machine learning. Optimize remediation efforts based on actionable recommendations to protect what’s most critical.

Why Taegis VDR

Prioritization Based On Context

Risk Assessment

Identify Vulnerabilities Based On Risk

Remediation planning and tracking for your environment that prioritizes the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk.

AI-based Detection

High ROI

No configuration is required while the self-learning model discovers, scans, and learns the most critical aspects of your environment.


Complete Visibility

Automatically discovers endpoints, web applications, and forgotten assets to scan for vulnerabilities.

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Cost Savings

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study of Taegis VDR

Secureworks commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) of Taegis VDR. The study found a potential ROI of 352% over three years for VDR customers.


Vulnerability Management That Keeps Getting Smarter

The advanced, AI, self-learning system improves autonomously with use, further reducing risk with intelligent prioritization of vulnerabilities.

A Fully Integrated, Comprehensive Solution

Automatically discovers endpoints, network equipment and devices, web applications, and forgotten assets to scan for vulnerabilities and prioritize them.


Automated, Configuration-Free Approach

Accelerate vulnerability management by automating manual tasks such as asset identification, grouping, web asset discovery, and continuous tracking between machine and web assets.


Meaningful Risk-Based Prioritization

Create more efficiency and free up time for what matters while focusing on only the most important vulnerabilities.

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities according to your unique security context
  • 50 internal and external factors are considered to determine the level of risk
  • Threat Intelligence from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ helps determine which vulnerabilities are most important

Taegis VDR offers a bold, innovative approach to vulnerability management

Security Weekly Labs’ independent review of Taegis™ VDR proves that a holistic approach – one that removes manual, mindless work associated with vulnerability management – can change the security game for organizations.


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