Adversary Exercises

Test your organization’s Blue Team capabilities with Secureworks Red Team exercises based on real-world adversary tactics to find detection and prevention gaps, measure response, and boost defense.


Defending Against an Unknown

Improving game-time experience against a skilled attacker within your environment is an essential part of today’s reality and important to achieve breach readiness.

Red Team Testing

Moving Target

Adversaries constantly evolve their TTPs – so must you. Mature response programs need regular, varied tests emulating adversaries.


Lacking Visibility

Mistakes and gaps in your security tools can hinder your visibility. Proactively illuminate gaps to shore up detection and defense.

Lacking Experience

Lack of Experience

Without experience, it’s difficult to detect or respond adequately to cyber incidents, significantly increasing risk and impact.

Our Approach

Enabling Organizations To Grow

Progressing Prevention, Detection & Response Capabilities

We know that security maturity is an ongoing journey. We offer an adaptable approach to hands-on Red Team-led exercises. Our services help evolve your testing program based on your security objectives.

  • Leverage realistic tactics, techniques and procedures from CTU™ research
  • Clear exercise methodologies and engagement goals
  • Gain practical experience in responding to skilled adversaries
Progressive Prevention, Detection and Response
Our Services

Our Adversary Exercises

Our Adversary Group delivers services to support the entire maturity spectrum.

Collaborative Adversary Exercise

Measure your Blue Team and detection capability with a collaborative approach between the Secureworks Red Team and your Blue Team and pre-defined playbooks of attack scenarios.

  • Start with digestible exercises to train defenders to build and improve their defense capabilities based on common TTPs and attack vectors
  • Benefit from ongoing communication between the Blue Team and Red Team within a real-time communication channel
  • Tune detections in a controlled setting that permits attack replay
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Adversary Emulation Exercise

Exercise your response and detection capabilities with attacks that emulate specific real-world threat actors and their TTPs.

  • Threat intelligence driven attacks that follow each tactical phase of the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Customize engagement goals and objectives based on your organization’s unique organizational needs
  • Align with methodologies including TIBER, CBEST and iCAST
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Adversary Simulation Exercise

Challenge your team with exercises that simulate a real-life, sophisticated adversary using unique and unattributable tactics, techniques and procedures.

  • Strengthen your organization’s security posture against unknown and highly sophisticated threat actors
  • Highly customized, covert engagements rely on OSINT and leverages in-house research and development for tooling and techniques
  • Comprehensive reporting, including attack timelines mapped to MITRE ATT&CK and detailed recommendations to reduce risk
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Why Secureworks

Exercise With Our Adversary Group

The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) Adversary Group is a dedicated group of seasoned testing experts who take on the role of the attacker.


Elite Team of Experts

The Secureworks Red Team is comprised of world-class, seasoned experts with years of hands-on offensive and defensive experience.

Strategic Security

Passion for the Offense

Testers hone skills in training (including Offensive Security certification), peer knowledge exchange and winning at CTF events.

CTU Intelligence

Powered by CTU Intelligence

Our team synthesizes intel from thousands of engagements, combining experience with the latest threat intel to drive ingenuity in testing.


Awards & Recognition

Offensive Security Customer Advisory Board Member

Offensive Security Customer Advisory Board Member


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