Incident Management Retainer


Enabling Proactive Cyber Defense

The Secureworks Incident Management Retainer is designed to enable a comprehensive and resilience-driven approach to elevate your cyber defense posture and to support you in the event of cybersecurity emergencies.

Advanced Threat Services

Manage Risk

With a broad portfolio of services to focus on building readiness and cyber resilience.


Adapt to Your Needs

With a tiered model to align with your budget and security objectives.

Cloud Response

Intelligence-led, Consultative Approach

With insights from a proven incident response and readiness leader.


New Business Realities

The truth is, incidents happen and can create a lasting, negative impact, especially exacerbated by the lack of response speed and effectiveness and an outdated approach to Incident Response.

Reactive Focus

Reactive Focus

Retainers are often viewed as a reactive “insurance policy,” with an overreliance on having guaranteed responders on standby.

Lost Value

Lost Value

It’s difficult to justify a retainer if you never have a breach, have unused hours, or miss out on valuable readiness planning.

Limited Readiness

Incomplete Readiness

Organizations may not recognize their own incident preparedness immaturity or lack of cyber resilience and preparedness.

Our Approach

Unlocking Greater Value

To unlock greater value from your incident response retainer, Secureworks focuses on enabling you to be more deliberate and proactively improve your defenses with the help of incident response experts.

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Our Services

Access to Proactive and Emergency Services

The Secureworks Incident Management Retainer provides access to a broad portfolio of services to help build and improve cyber resilience and supplement your team in time of need, including:

Assess & Plan

Secureworks helps detect current weaknesses or compromises, with expert guidance on making pragmatic, risk-based improvements.
Why Secureworks

Threat Informed.
Resilience Driven.

The Secureworks Incident Management Retainer provides coverage across the incident response lifecycle and the collective strengths of the Counter Threat Unit™ experts.

Attack Mapping

Cross-Functional Experts

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit includes experts across response, testing, and hunting, research, and engineering.

Integrated Threat Intel

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Secureworks brings you up-to-date threat intelligence backed by pensive security research from the Secureworks CTU.

Insight Led


We deliver 3,000+ incident response and adversarial tests per year for continuous insights into strengthening your weaknesses.

IDC Marketscape Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Assessment
Analyst Report

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Assessment


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