Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Secureworks blends defensive and offensive security expertise with current security research to offer a comprehensive examination of your organization’s ransomware defense and incident readiness.


The Ransomware Threat

Cyber incidents are bad news, but ransomware comes with its own set of challenges and risks to mitigate.


Growing Reputational Risk

Ransomware news splashes the front pages of news outlets with increased focus on name and shame, increasing reputational damage.

Costly Incidents

Costly Incidents

Cybercrime impacts your bottom line with increased ransom amounts – plus the costs of halted business and security operations.


Lack of Adequate Detections

Ransomware actors often evade common tools and solutions. When defense fails, organizations need robust incident preparedness.

Our Approach

Holistic Evaluation of Readiness

Preparation requires planning, documentation, tests and exercise for holistic improvement. Secureworks leverages offensive and defensive expertise and insights for a comprehensive evaluation of ransomware preparedness.

Our Services

Ransomware Preparedness Services

The Secureworks Ransomware Readiness Assessment takes a modularized approach that includes planning, assessments, exercises and tests.

Threat Hunting Assessment

Establish a baseline to determine a plan. Find ransomware threat actors that have evaded detections before a strike.


Ransomware CIRP Review and Exercise

An incident response plan with ransomware in mind through focused IR advisory and tabletop scenarios.


Ransomware Simulation Test

Identify weaknesses in detection and response through simulation tests by our adversarial security testing experts.


Active Directory Security Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that are often exploited during post-intrusion ransomware attacks.

Why Secureworks

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit

Response Workshop

Incident Response Insights

Secureworks designs incident readiness services via first-hand experience of risks that provide an opening for a ransomware attack.


Real-World Expertise

Accredited, industry-leading incident response experts respond to ransomware or pre-ransomware attacks and help with best practices.

Security Program Dev

Ransomware Research

The Counter Threat Unit team analyzes thousands of adversarial testing and incident response insights and tracks ransomware groups.

Analyst Report

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Assessment


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