Threat Hunting Assessment

Secureworks offers an intensive, point-in-time evaluation of your environment that finds undetected threats, uncovers security control gaps and improves visibility.


Lurking threats. Hidden risk.

Focusing on reacting to alerts and individual incidents neglects the rising risks related to entrenched attackers. Prevention and detection technology alone is not enough.


Visibility Gaps

Threat actors continually evolve to evade security controls and detections, while newly added assets create blind spots.


Misconfigured Controls and Technologies

Inadequate and improper configuration remains one of the highest causes of poor prevention and detection, creating gaps that remain unchecked.

Entrenched Threats

Finding Entrenched Threats

Once inside your network, it’s difficult to find and defeat threats, as traditional tools can focus on malware not behaviors.

Our Approach

Hypothesis Driven.
Technology Enabled.

Our Threat Hunting Principles

We take a focused, human-led approach for each engagement, leveraging insights from hundreds of threat hunts and incident response engagements, and the power of advanced security analytics to process multitudes of data.

  • Go beyond a simple scan of indicators of compromise
  • Prioritized investigation informed by context and focused on the assets that your organization needs to protect the most
  • Can leverage endpoint, network, cloud telemetry and other information sources
Threat Hunting Principles
Why Secureworks

Security Analytics +
Human Intelligence

The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ threat hunting framework is powered by our ability to combine:


Human Expertise

A team of elite security and cyber incident response practitioners bring decades of experience in fighting adversaries.


Taegis™ XDR Analytics

Advanced security analytics scale hunters’ ability to process data from sources and identify historical and active compromises.

Integrated Threat Intel

Integrated Threat Intelligence

A dedicated team of over 200+ researchers collate, analyze and synthesize the latest insights into actionable threat intelligence.

Analyst Report

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Assessment


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