Application Security Testing

Secureworks Adversary Group application testing reduces risk and helps maintain confidence in applications used by clients, employees and business partners.


Discovering Gaps Before the Adversary Does

The way organizations do business has evolved, with applications providing new opportunities for businesses, but also a fresh set of risks for the organization to consider.

Network Effect

Dissolving Network Perimeter

Your attack surface includes on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid. And authentication, authorization, and SSO demand 24/7 availability.

Matching Speed

Matching the Adversaries’ Speed

Web servers, application platforms and development languages unlock new vulnerabilities and subjects for growing attacks.

Stakes Rising

The Stakes Continue Rising

Applications store a significant amount of data which can be updated, corrupted or shipped out the door with a successful attack.

Our Approach

Hands on. Target Locked.

Finding vulnerabilities goes beyond an asset inventory. Knowing what attackers can do once they achieve a foothold helps create a plan that enables pragmatic, proactive improvements that mitigate organizational risk.

  • Goal-based, locking in on what keeps you up at night
  • Move beyond the scanner and automated tests with hands-on testing
  • Narrative reports and executive-level summaries provide relevant information to technical and non-technical audiences
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Our Services

Our Application Security Testing Services

Our Adversary Group brings specialist knowledge, expertise and efficiency to conduct thorough security evaluations of your environment across web applications, mobile applications and web services.

Web Application Security Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and flaws in your external or internal web applications and gain actionable recommendations.

  • Manually discover and validate vulnerabilities and perform advanced, chained exploits
  • Discover and uncover authorization and business logic issues in the application
  • Coverage across OWASP Top 10 and more
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Mobile Application Security Assessment

Test your mobile application and its associated backend systems to ensure your sensitive data is handled safely on your device.

  • Examine the application interfaces and supporting infrastructure to determine possible attack vectors
  • Go beyond end-user interface testing to expose vulnerabilities in internal application controls
  • Coverage across OWASP Mobile Top 10 and more
Mobile Application Security

Web Service or API Tests

Our testers leverage their advanced knowledge of coding and packages to review the underlying middleware that connects systems and supports business operations.

  • Examine your organization’s exposed application interfaces to determine possible attack vectors
  • Find blind spots in your B2B communications that may not be covered in web and mobile assessments
  • Coverage across OWASP Top 10 and more
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Why Secureworks

Adversary Group

The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit Adversary Group is a dedicated group of seasoned testing experts helping you challenge assumptions and effectively test business-critical applications to provide you with a more accurate depiction of risk and actionable remediation steps.


Beyond the Scanner

Vendors relying on scans can miss issues. Our team uses an adversarial mindset to show impact and findings that mitigate risk.

Strategic Security

Passion for the Offense

Our security testers passionately hone their skills through training, research, and winning at the largest Capture the Flag events.

CTU Intelligence

Powered by CTU Intelligence

Our researchers combine offensive and defensive intelligence from thousands of adversarial and response engagements every year.


Awards & Recognition

Offensive Security Customer Advisory Board Member

Offensive Security Customer Advisory Board Member


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