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                Taegis™ XDR

                Elevate the efficacy and efficiency of your security program.

                Unified Detection and Response

                Gain comprehensive visibility and control over your endpoint, network, and cloud environments with Taegis XDR. Detect and respond to advanced threats, with AI-driven analytics and curated threat intelligence. Security has never been easier.

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                Taegis ManagedXDR

                New Adversary Software Coverage Tool

                XDR Covers over 90% of the MITRE tactics and techniques

                Business Value

                Holistic, Vendor-Inclusive Approach

                Open XDR Platform

                Taegis XDR is a cloud-native solution that complements your existing infrastructure by correlating events from multiple security tools, providing comprehensive visibility across your environment

                targeted threat intelligence

                Advanced Security Analytics

                Identify previously unknown threats, eliminate noise, and speed up investigations with advanced analytics-based detectors that are continuously enriched with curated threat intelligence by Secureworks Counter Threat UnitTM

                SOC Modernization

                Supercharge the analyst experience with a centralized, intuitive user interface, automated workflows, and high-fidelity alerts. Help your SOC team quickly and confidently remediate threats before they become major incidents.


                20 Years of Knowledge at Your Fingers

                Taegis XDR was built on our security expertise, knowledge of the threat landscape and experience in improving SOC productivity.

                Ask An Expert Chat Feature

                Access Secureworks experts via chat in as little as 60 seconds.

                Integrated Threat Intelligence

                Give advanced threats nowhere to hide with knowledge from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit research team.

                MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

                Covers over 90% of the tactics and techniques in the Mitre ATT&CK Framework.

                Enrichment of Alerts

                Take decisive actions faster adding greater context to your alerts from Secureworks threat intelligence and external sources.

                Customer Success

                Building Security Operations From the Ground Up - MLC Life Insurance

                In the Age of the Customer, trust is hard to earn and even harder to keep. Learn how MLC Life Insurance partnered with Secureworks to put customers first.

                "Taegis XDR combines security analytics with additional advanced tools previously unavailable to us. It’s picked up threats we wouldn’t have seen. Taegis XDR isn’t just the next generation of SIEM, it’s an evolution."
                DAVID LEVINE
                "Secureworks Taegis alerted us to suspicious activity and gave us specific, actionable recommendations on the first night we went live. We had never been alerted so quickly and it was a critical first step in driving a stronger security posture for our team."
                Dr. Faisal Jaffri
                Global IT director, GKN Wheels and Structures.
                Detect Advanced Threats
                Case Study Ricoh USA, Inc.

                Ricoh has continued its security evolution with the adoption of Taegis XDR. It helps Ricoh efficiently detect advanced threats while reducing alerts and false positives. By consolidating data from across its security infrastructure and using advanced AI to interpret that data, XDR is a game changing tool in Ricoh’s security arsenal.

                Featured Resources

                Discover how XDR equips you for a world of evolving threats.

                Explore the Importance of Threat Detection and Responses

                Detect and Stop Advanced Threats Faster to Reduce Security Risk

                This white paper is focused on the challenges that cybersecurity professionals face with threat detection and response. Secureworks is innovating to help companies get more out of automation, software, and intelligence with its newly launched Taegis platform. The platform is particularly adept at spotting advanced and unknown threats quickly by using data science to uncover known tactics or behaviors.

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                Introducing Red Cloak Threat Detection & Response

                Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your SIEM with Secureworks Taegis XDR

                SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions have played an integral role in security operations for several years. As threats to enterprise security have grown in sophistication, SIEMs have failed to keep pace. In this infographic, we compare how XDR and SIEMs have addressed modern threats.

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                The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC

                Extended detection and response (XDR) has been gaining momentum. In a recent study, ESG surveyed IT/InfoSec professionals across multiple industry verticals to better understand the market perception of XDR, as well as value points and challenges that come with an XDR solution.

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                XDR is a cloud-native solution that combines advanced analytics and data modeling with unrivaled threat intelligence to help detect both known and unknown threats. We're putting the power in your hands with a free 30-day trial experience. Get started today to discover how you can improve your SOC efficiency.

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