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                Making MITRE Matter: Stopping Ransomware

                Our upcoming webinar will see our researchers bring MITRE ATT&CK to life using ransomware modeling and a look at the adversarial mind By: Michael Rosen, Director of Technical Marketing


                • Gain counter threat insight into the methods and motivations of the adversarial mind.
                • Visualize applied defense using predictive attack modeling against ransomware.
                • Understand MITRE ATT&CK as the common language for the InfoSec Community.
                • Learn how XDR powers detection and response to advanced threats across the attack lifecycle.

                On June 23rd, we invite you to see Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) researchers bring MITRE ATT&CK to life using ransomware attack modeling, XDR investigation and response demos, and a trip into the depths of the adversarial mind. This is not your typical security webinar, but one that places you in the position of the adversary as they work their tradecraft and attempt to cause harm to your business. Understanding this thought process is the key to stopping ransomware and other adversarial threat.

                Register for the Webinar | Making MITRE Matter: Ransomware Revealed

                Join our CTU™ researchers for a live webinar as they bring MITRE ATT&CK to life through practical ransomware examples. You'll see how an open Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform handles real-world adversarial tools and attack techniques with rapid threat detections and countermeasures. You’ll learn how to use the MITRE enterprise framework to choose security controls that provide comprehensive attack surface coverage. And you’ll see the advantages of advanced predictive modeling in the battle against the full range of adversarial threats.

                See How We Beat the Threat | TaegisTM XDR Adversary Software Coverage (ASC)

                The presentation includes tactic and technique mappings that you can model on your own using the Taegis XDR Adversary Software Coverage (ASC) web tool along with special insights into the adversary thought process from Senior Security Researcher Rafe Pilling of the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit.

                What You’ll Learn:

                1. MITRE basics – a common language for InfoSec
                2. The technologies XDR uses to map adversarial tactics
                3. The methods and motivations of the adversarial mind
                4. Experience Taegis XDR and the power to detect and respond to advanced threats
                5. Live Q&A to get your questions answered

                Register for the Webinar | Making MITRE Matter: Ransomware Revealed

                Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle of Spy vs. Spy. You can fight back most effectively when you understand how the adversary thinks. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to peer into the adversarial mind from the counter threat perspective and apply fresh insights to level up your ransomware defense, and your whole operation too.

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