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We know by now that today's threats extend well beyond the endpoint. In 2022 alone, Secureworks® Taegis™ customers experienced 60%1 of their security incidents coming from the cloud undetected by endpoint telemetry data. We also know that this new, perimeter-less environment is keeping security teams quite busy. Distributed enterprises and a constantly growing attack surface are just part of why the average enterprise today has nearly 802 cybersecurity tools in place to help them fight the adversary.

So, what happens when organizations get tired of fighting fires without support and wasting time toggling between a multitude of tools? What happens when you want to be more strategic in securing your infrastructure?

This may explain why managed detection and response (MDR) remains a high priority investment for many organizations. Organizations want to attain ongoing, effective and efficient cybersecurity operations.

What's more, many of these organizations seek efficiency as a main driver behind multiple initiatives they're championing across their business. It can be challenging for these organizations to cut through the sales noise to the strategic value of a solution for their unique business.

For those seeking a higher security posture and stronger cyber resilience, though, only one technology currently harnesses extended threat detection in a way that has that coveted efficiency strategy baked right into it, and that's MDR — like the kind powered by Taegis.

Here's how:

Managed detection and response optimizes your EDR investment

MDR integrates endpoint telemetry into a holistic "blanket" security model needed to counter the ever-changing nature of attacks and multiplication of attack surfaces.

Organizations can continue to benefit from their existing endpoint telemetry data through easy and fully supported integration into Secureworks Taegis.

MDR delivers better value through increased visibility, productivity and effective defense

A key benefit of adopting MDR is that organizations gain the extended visibility needed for continuous monitoring, detection and mitigation responses across their entire IT infrastructure.

By operating within a single platform for all security operations management you can eliminate productivity-draining, swivel-chair security management and data gathering. MDR eliminates the near-constant screen toggling that afflicts many security analysts trying to respond efficiently. MDR also helps both vendor and client teams to work more collaboratively and effectively at detecting, identifying, and stopping known and unknown attacks quickly. Ultimately, this acts to reduce adverse impacts from a breach or incident and enhances positive security outcomes across the board.

MDR is a powerful, low-friction conduit for enhancing services, support and Zero Trust

Because both XDR and MDR provide detection and response across the entire organization, it is the ideal conduit for establishing a strong partnership with a security provider who will cost-effectively deliver vital cybersecurity skills, expertise and services across a broad range of IT security areas.

Today, organizations are facing some consistent challenges in their security implementations. In an independent survey commissioned by Forrester3, organizations reported fundamental challenges around detection, rapid response, and their ability to understand and staff up for attacks. Issues reported also centered around staffing the best in-house security talent to effectively respond to threats.

With MDR, the advanced threat hunting, vulnerability detection, adversarial testing and advanced incident response you get help you immediately fill skills gaps. Finally, with its holistic approach to IT security protection and prevention, MDR's continuous monitoring facilitates achieving a more complete Zero Trust security model.

Strategy with a side of flexibility

Whether delivered as a fully managed service or used as an independent in-house software platform, organizations can align and tailor their MDR solution to almost any cybersecurity requirements they have.

The service can be tailored to both complement existing resources and investments and supplement them where gaps exist or more expertise and advice is needed. This ability to tune MDR to your requirements provides the flexibility for organizations to both maintain control yet benefit from a deep security partnership and extensive supplemental support through rapid provision of services, right when you need them.

MDR is a strategy that is available right now

Historically, a key barrier for security operations (SecOps) teams in effectively and efficiently detecting and stopping attacks was an inability to align tools, services, security data, threat intelligence and advanced detection into a single cohesive platform. Instead, SecOps teams cobbled together different components in an effort to extend SIEM, EDR, and SOAR solutions — often without knowing if they'd work well and respond together.

With over 1,500 global organizations use Secureworks Taegis to meet their managed detection and response needs for superior detection and unmatched response, the ability to move beyond endpoint security is already here today.

Organizations using Taegis ManagedXDR are already experiencing ROI of over 400% according to an independent ROI study3, primarily by significantly reducing their risks and keeping their overall security costs low.

In a recent case study with an aviation manufacturer, their IT and Risk Manager said that relying on Taegis ManagedXDR helped them to:

  • Save $500,000 in people costs,
  • Protect profits of around $2M/week by avoiding downtime for a breach, and
  • Reduce their cyber insurance costs by 5-10%

And that's all because Taegis ManagedXDR ensured they had visibility to risk across all IT resources, with early detection of real threats and fast response to avoid any business-impacting breeches.

Be Better Prepared to Face Threats

Moving beyond endpoint security is now a necessity. It's true that the coverage and effectiveness of EDR have waned, but there are still many other drivers for this shift — not least of which is having effective cybersecurity operations and management.

The harsh reality is cybersecurity is changing fast and there are a growing number of issues that organizations need to address urgently to run an effective SecOps department. But for organizations who want to become more future- and threat-ready, MDR provides the strategic answer to these very real security challenges.

And no matter how you proceed or what vendor you choose, effectiveness and efficiency will ultimately come from a transparent partnership that steps up and clearly shows they are always in the fight with you.

Ready to read more? Download our white paper "It’s Time for Your Cybersecurity to Move Beyond the Endpoint." which looks strategically at why moving beyond the endpoint by moving from EDR to MDR is the right decision. Visit to learn more about how you can leverage Secureworks Taegis to help your organization build strategy right into your cybersecurity plans.

1 Source: Secureworks customer incident response data Jan-Oct 2022

2 Source: Panaseer Security Leaders Peer Report 2022

3 Source: Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: Wise XDR Choices Lead To More Benefits Than Expected.
(A 2022 custom study commissioned by Secureworks)

4 XDR vs SIEM Choosing the Right Platform

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