Taegis Titan Paul Lillico Relies on Secureworks for Complete Cyber Defense

Read how this CTO partnered with Secureworks to make his cybersecurity infrastructure as resistant as possible to evolving threats.

Taegis Titan Paul Lillico Relies on Secureworks for Complete Cyberdefense

When Paul Lillico joined Bristow & Sutor as its Chief Technology Officer in 2018, his first move was to create a cybersecurity structure that would keep out as many threats as possible, “effectively making the walls as tall as possible,” he said. But he knew that no matter how tall the walls were, there was always a chance a threat would slip through.

He wanted to bring his company in line with cybersecurity best practices and enlist a solution that offered complete visibility into their environment and the power to take on known and unknown threats with advanced detection and response. He also wanted a solution provider who would work with his small team to boost their efforts through access to security experts and 24/7 threat monitoring. It’s this smart, proactive approach that makes Paul Lillico a Taegis™ Titan.

Q: What made you realize you needed a better cybersecurity solution?

Paul: That change in mentality forced us to think about our playbooks, forced us to think about knowing who we’re going to call at 3 o’clock in the morning when something happens. That, to me, was probably a transition we needed. We needed more data, we needed the ability to monitor telemetry 24/7, and we needed additional skill sets to support us in the event of an attack.

Q: What made you choose Secureworks® Taegis?

Paul: We are an ambitious, fast-growing business, and partnering with Secureworks was really about accessing expertise and capacity to meet the needs of our clients. Secureworks provides a strong security offering that has reduced our risk at a cost significantly less than building on our own.

Q: What has changed since adding an MDR solution?

Paul: The extending of our team is really important for us. We’re doing more with less, being smarter, and those are big strategic goals of ours. We’d probably need a team of 50 people to analyze the traffic in our environment.

Q: What added value has Taegis brought to Bristow and Sutor?

Paul: We connect and learn from a wide array of security experts: the SOC analysts investigating events, the quarterly security posture reviews with the Threat Engagement Manager are good quality, the access to threat hunters looking for potential threats. I don’t think I could have ever said that about our other cybersecurity providers. We get access to a plethora of expertise, and that makes a big difference as it helps raise our own expertise and improve our cyber defense program.

Read the full Bristow and Sutor case study to see why they feel like talking to Secureworks analysts feels like messaging a colleague, and how our threat hunters help improve their internal operations.

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