Taegis™ Titan Faisal Jaffri Leads Moveero to a Stronger Security Posture

Learn how this Global IT Director took a small team and a big vision to the next level with Taegis ManagedXDR

Taegis™ Titan Faisal Jaffri Leads Moveero to a Stronger Security Posture

Global manufacturer moveero had a stack of specific challenges that needed to be addressed in order to secure a large footprint spanning the U.S. and Europe. With a small security team that had limited resources to work with, Global IT Director Faisal Jaffri was seeking a way to gain visibility and harness new capabilities for detecting and responding to threats.

Jaffri also knew his small team would need a way to extend their capabilities while keeping focus on security basics — maximizing a limited list of resources and finite time to dedicate to ongoing monitoring.

"We didn't have any threat detection capabilities, and we certainly didn't have any playbooks or a model for how to respond to an attack if one occurred," said Jaffri of his company's challenges. "What kept me up at night was how do I know if we've been breached, and what would we do in the event of a breach."

Enter the solution Jaffri and moveero chose to help them overcome these challenges: Secureworks® Taegis™ ManagedXDR and Taegis VDR. Jaffri and his team didn't have the ability to scale to manage security on their own. So, a solution that took over management while leveraging human intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics satisfied every security need. Beyond that, the addition of Taegis VDR provided a risk-based approach for managing vulnerabilities, with automation and machine learning that enabled optimized remediation efforts based on actionable recommendations.

This solution lineup helped Jaffri and his team detect suspicious activity almost immediately after onboarding. Once the platform detected suspicious activity, Jaffri says, the team was able to work with Secureworks to quickly investigate — ultimately discovering that the activity was an approved action by a system administrator gaining remote access to a device in the network. While relieved that the event was ultimately benign, Jaffri and his team could see the immediate value of lessons learned during the investigation.

"We would not have known there was any behavior of that type occurring," Jaffri said of moveero's previous security posture. "It just solidified the fact that we made the right decision."

Another positive impact Jaffri noted came with the monthly threat hunting included for every Taegis ManagedXDR customer. While Jaffri knew the importance of such activity, he says, threat hunts were an activity previously out-of-scope and outside the capabilities of his internal team at moveero. The level of expertise he was able to leverage with Secureworks made a big difference.

"If we wanted any proactive threat hunting, we would have to find somebody who would take that on for us, and we would have to pay specifically for that threat hunt each time we want it," Jaffri said. "The way I look at it, we get at least 12 proactive threat hunts a year as part of Taegis ManagedXDR."

Jaffri and his team now have holistic visibility and threat detection across their environment, with monthly, proactive threat hunting and incident response exercises to shape the way they approach all aspects of their security. And from initial RFP process and research to proof of concept and implementation, Jaffri was every bit the Taegis Titan in leading his team towards their goals — while working side-by-side with Secureworks to ensure that moveero got full efficacy and ROI from their chosen solutions.

"We now have our full executive team that's bought into the incident response plan and their responsibilities in the plan," Jaffri said of the post-implementation experience with Secureworks. "Taking a more risk-based, contextualized approach has specifically allowed us to use our resources more effectively."

To learn more about moveero and the power moves made by Jaffri and his team, download a free copy of the full case study.

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