SteelCon 2017

Visit our team to play with Bagatelle and participate in our CTF challenge

SteelCon 2017 Crypto Contest Challenge

In continuing support of the InfoSec community around the world, SecureWorks is excited to spend the week-end in Sheffield in support of SteelCon “The North’s Premier Hacker* Con”. Be sure to stop by our booth to talk with SecureWorks team members and try out this year’s game and contest:


Come play on our old wooden Bagatelle. The aim is to strike the ball to score the highest number of points, you will soon realise that it takes a lot more skill than you think to aim true and apply just the right force for the ball to go to the right pockets. We will keep track of points and the player with the highest score will earn a Fitbit wristband (rules apply)!

Capture the Flag

The SecureWorks CTF offers some fun and unusual challenges. Display a combination of skill, luck, and out-of-the-box thinking and you might not leave empty handed, we have some great prizes to win (rules apply):

  • Bash Bunny
  • Mini Projector
  • Boom Speaker

We have also created some comfy T-shirts to get you dressed-up for the summer. Those will be given to participants of the CTF solving at least one challenge (within the limit of available stock).

Be sure to visit the SecureWorks booth for additional information, fun and speak to our experts about their InfoSec life in the trenches. We are waiting for you!

Challenge 1:

Solve the crossword and discover the flag.
(crossword provided in your SteelCon bag – look for the SecureWorks paper!)

Challenge 2:

Determine the message behind this strange string of text.

Challenge 3:

Use passive OSINT tools to discover the relevant hosts.

Contest Rules:

  • The contest will be held at SteelCon and will run from 8 a.m. concluding at 4 p.m.
  • All event attendees are welcome to participate.
  • To enter, visit this post on 8th July for challenge clues to participate.
  • The first participant to successfully submit all completed challenges will be allowed to choose the prize of their liking.
  • If no one finishes all challenges, then selection will go to the participant(s) finishing the most challenges (in case of draw, we will randomly select one person out of the group).
  • All participants successfully completing at least two challenges will be entered into the prize drawing for two of the remaining prizes.
  • Flags should be handed to the SecureWorks booth Saturday 8th July before 4:00 p.m.
  • The prize drawing takes place at the event on 8th July at 4:00 p.m. at the SecureWorks booth. All participants who wish to enter the drawing are required to physically be present to collect their prize.

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