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                Tornado Malware Kit

                By: Dennis Dwyer

                In this post, we will be taking a look at the Tornado Malware kit. Tornado is a Russian web-attack kit used by hackers to compromise as many machines as possible. "Out of the box" it comes with 14 exploits, although users have space to add more, thanks to a modular design (handy!). Visitors are greeted with the following login prompt:

                The spelling throughout the application is generally poor. After login, users are taken to the stats page (a dashboard of sorts) which shows information about the traffic the kit has seen so far, broken down by OS and web browser. The Tornado kit has a target URL which attackers direct as much traffic to as possible. Once an attacker is able to lure a visitor to the malicious URL, Tornado chooses an exploit most likely to succeed and serves it up. It does this by analyzing the visiting browser's User-Agent header. Here we can see part of that process:

                In some cases, attackers place the link into other compromised sites, so that visitors may have no idea they are browsing a malicious site. Buried in the obfuscated code, several requests are made to Russian web sites. This allows the author of the kit to monitor where the kit is used, and make sure that it is being used, you know, "legally".

                If the browser exploit attempt is successful, the victim's machine will make a request to download an EXE from the attacker's site. At this point, it is game over. The loader that Tornado uses is configurable, so it's easy to add additional payloads, or change to a different payload altogether, as seen in our final screen shot. Overall, this simple exploit kit has some worrisome capabilities.

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