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                Remove Complexity with Effective Managed Detection and Response Services

                Ease your cybersecurity management burden with a holistic MDR solution By: Bud Ellis, Product Marketing


                • Organizations have to manage too many security tools
                • Managing these different tools is a burden on security teams
                • A holistic MDR solution addresses these challenges

                There is one objective that drives every cybersecurity purchase an organization makes: improve security. While there is no shortage of options for those looking to buy cybersecurity solutions, too many security tools in your environment can make cybersecurity management more complex. Often, layering of tools also creates gaps.

                A Heavy Lift

                A good security solution should ease the burden of your security team, not increase it. Research from Enterprise Management Associates shows a significant portion of organizations struggle with managing all the layers in their environments. According to the research, 48 percent of small and midsized enterprises, and 33 percent of large enterprises, say their in-house security staff are overwhelmed by the number of security tools and layers they have to manage. Additionally, 41 percent of organizations surveyed say the challenge of managing tools is a driver for adoption of managed detection and response services (MDR).

                It's not enough to simply deploy a security solution. That solution must reduce the weight sitting on the shoulders of security resources. On the surface, deploying a security solution should provide a security team with more time to focus on other business objectives. But if that solution is complex, hard to implement, difficult to manage, and doesn’t enable beneficial threat detection, investigation, and response, is it worth the investment?

                Overcoming Complexity

                A security solution that encompasses different technologies from different vendors often leads to a disjointed approach. The marketplace has seen an increase in MDR solutions in recent years. Some of those solutions offer a combination of technologies that must be customized and integrated to provide proactive threat detection and rapid response.

                This can take time and falls short of what companies really need: a holistic solution from one vendor. Holistic solutions eliminate the difficulty of configuring multiple technologies to work together, which also frees up time your security staff would’ve spent working to integrate the solution into the environment. More importantly, a disjointed approach increases the risk of gaps in coverage that threat actors can use to their advantage.

                A Better Way

                A holistic approach to managed detection and response services from a single vendor reduces the burden on an organization’s security resources. This type of solution eliminates issues arising from mismatched tools which are supposed to cover gaps in security coverage. Even better – find a managed detection and response services provider who seamlessly integrates with the existing technology footprint. One key sign of this is the ability to ingest telemetry from various types of endpoint, network and cloud technology in your environment.

                Our own holistic MDR service, called Taegis™ ManagedXDR, easily integrates with your existing setup to solve the issues outlined above. ManagedXDR was recently cited as a leader in the Forrester Wave: Managed Detection and Response, Q1 2021.


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