MDR Done Right Must Include Response – with No Limits

Secureworks enhances MDR to meet cybersecurity’s evolving demands.

MDR Done Right Must Include Incident Response – with No Limits

If there is one constant in cybersecurity, it's evolution. IT landscapes continue evolving at a furious pace. Threat actors continue evolving their tactics. Organizations of all sizes continue searching for the right solutions that will evolve their cyber strategy to deliver the right business outcomes. Security providers continue evolving their solutions to deliver these outcomes.

Secureworks® knows this. After delivering security solutions for nearly a quarter century, we've seen our fair share of change. Nimbleness, flexibility, and constant iteration are baked into our DNA. Continuous development – driven by lessons learned from 4,500-plus customers, proprietary threat research from monitoring 175+ threat groups, processing 550 billion security events a day, and performing 10,000-plus incident response engagements – and sheer curiosity isn't negotiable. It's a foundational pillar of what we do.

Our managed detection and response (MDR) offering, Taegis™ ManagedXDR, provides customers with superior detection, unmatched response, and an open and transparent technology architecture, all designed to deliver customers high ROI. Recently, Secureworks elevated our response capabilities even further by introducing an unlimited response model and expanding available proactive response action. To add even more value to our MDR solution, we have introduced Secureworks Taegis Services for ManagedXDR for better readiness and resiliency services.

Unlimited Response: We provide unlimited response for assets covered under a customer's Taegis ManagedXDR subscription, using the combination of expertise and tooling from our security analysts and incident response practice personnel to respond to confirmed security incidents. There are no constraints on the amount of time Secureworks spends to investigate and respond to incidents within a customer's in-scope environment. We work until a threat is contained regardless of the complexity of the incident or level of effort from our analysts and IR resources. As needed, customers get access to our global incident response team that delivers impactful insights from performing thousands of incident response and security assessment engagements per year, and who possess vast expertise in threat actor behaviors.

Proactive Response Actions: Speed matters when a threat is discovered. Taegis ManagedXDR customers can enact a variety of automated proactive response actions, designed to decrease response times for a variety of predetermined response actions. This allows security analysts to act quickly to mitigate threats, such as proactively blocking a host or forcing a user password reset, limiting the time threat actors have access to a customer's environment. We have expanded proactive response actions available in our MDR solution to include network and cloud technologies, to respond to threats more quickly and accurately across customer attack surfaces.

Secureworks Services for Taegis ManagedXDR add-on: Customers can easily complement the core benefits of their managed detection and response to add focused cyber readiness and resiliency services to strengthen their overall security posture. From engaging in threat or vulnerability assessments, running penetration testing, to reviewing incident response plans and all the way to running tabletop exercises, the mix of services can test and validate all aspects of one's security maturity.

The work never stops to meet customers where they are in their security journey, and to deliver the around-the-clock security capabilities and deep expertise necessary to combat threat adversaries. Defending every corner of cyberspace is a fluid activity, and as cyber criminals continue to evolve their sophisticated attacks, we know that standing still is not an option.

Beginning your journey into managed detection and response or considering how MDR can help your organization? We're here to help. Download the free e-book, MDR Done Right, to see how Secureworks delivers 24/7 managed detection and response to help customers defend against cyber threats.

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