Applying Lessons Learned in 2015

lessons learned from 2015

IT security leaders are advised to consider more than just the quantitative metrics of threat activity when planning their strategy for resilience in 2016. It's equally important to ask "what qualitative lessons have cybersecurity experts learned that we can apply to our own program going forward?"

Dell SecureWorks provides answers with the release of its 2015 State of Cybersecurity Report — Leadership Edition, a complete cybersecurity playbook that synthesizes insights, trends and lessons learned over the past year from engagements across 4,100 customers and as many as 150 billion events analyzed daily. Threat TTPs from the Counter Threat Unit, quantitative trends from managed services and real life lessons learned from consulting and incident response engagements all come together to inform this interactive, online report with clear-cut guidance for CISOs and IT leadership. Learn what the experts recommend, and what they don't, based on their experience at all stages of the security continuum: assessing program effectiveness, defending against known threats, detecting threat actors in the environment, responding to and removing threats, managing crisis and remediation, and preparing for what is likely to happen next. Download the report here.

Infographic: State of Cybersecurity (Source: Dell SecureWorks)

*All infographic data is reflective of the Dell SecureWorks 2015 State of Cybersecurity Report – Leadership Edition. Click here to download the full report.

Dell SecureWorks provides an early warning system for evolving cyber threats, enabling organizations to prevent, detect, rapidly respond to and predict cyberattacks. Combining unparalleled visibility into the global threat landscape and powered by the Counter Threat Platform – our advanced data analytics and insights engine – Dell SecureWorks minimizes risk and delivers actionable, intelligence-driven security solutions for clients around the world.

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