Forrester Wave MDR Report Recognizes Secureworks’ Taegis™ ManagedXDR as a Leader

Cited as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: MDR (Managed Detection and Response) report, Secureworks® Taegis™ ManagedXDR takes a collaborative approach with customers looking to build their own security operations

Forrester Wave MDR Report Recognizes Secureworks’ Taegis ManagedXDR as a Leader

When we started designing Taegis™ XDR (extended detection and response), we built it from the ground up as a standalone SaaS product. This was a purposeful decision that, looking back, might have surprised our peers and customers given our 20-year history delivering managed services to organizations. However, when you build products to stand on their own versus slapping a product label on a service offering as some vendors do, you don’t cut corners on user experience, scalability, and quality.

We always knew we would add managed services around XDR as an option for organizations without the resources or capabilities to run their own security operations, but we could also see that organizations’ level of investment in their security operations was evolving. Increasingly, we’re seeing organizations determine that security is so strategic and core to their business that they want to build their own capabilities, but some lack sufficient in-house security resources, talent, and capabilities to build their own SOC, at least to start. These are the organizations asking us how they can still benefit from our security analytics capabilities and threat intelligence, while growing their own SecOps team.

To address these questions, we designed Taegis™ ManagedXDR so that organizations could benefit from our vast experience running a security operations center and our deep understanding of the threat landscape. Collaboration is a fundamental design principle of ManagedXDR. Customers share the same user interface and experience as our own analysts and have real-time conversations with them through features like our “ask an expert” integrated chat and collaborative investigations, ticketing, etc. Customers use these opportunities to learn from our security experts to build their own resources and capabilities over time.

As part of an independent third-party assessment, Secureworks was recently cited as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Managed Detection and Response, Q1 2021 for our ManagedXDR solution in the MDR market. The report notes our decades-long experience as an MSSP, saying:

Secureworks’ MSS legacy helps, but its MDR platform is the real star. […] Swinging an old services vendor to a platform-centric approach to MDR via Red Cloak (now named Taegis ManagedXDR) is no small feat, but Secureworks is making it happen. While the emphasis on the product and endpoint agent are there, Secureworks has not abandoned its flagship delivery personnel and Counter Threat Unit™ threat intelligence as part of its MDR service offering. Not surprisingly, its flexibility in managed response actions is a clear differentiator...

According to the report, “rapid iteration and innovation on the [Taegis] platform” was identified as a strength by our customers, and Secureworks received the highest scores possible in the time-to-value, managed response, collaboration, product vision, and roadmap criteria. These are thrilling results, and we have our customers to thank in more ways than one. For example, we make our roadmap directly available to customers so that they can see its progression in real time and provide feedback and recommendations into the roadmap based on their own experiences. This is a demonstration of our commitment to being transparent and collaborative with customers for greater innovation against the adversary.

Best of all, when a customer takes full advantage of our resources through ManagedXDR and decides to run their own security operations, the shift to standalone XDR is seamless. From a product standpoint, there is literally no change needed for customers to transition from ManagedXDR to using the platform on their own.

Our vision is for Taegis XDR to sit at the heart of our customers’ security operations center. That vision is rapidly becoming a reality.

Read the full report, The Forrester Wave: Managed Detection and Response, Q1 2021. We also encourage you to learn more about the business benefits and cost savings ManagedXDR provides for our customers.

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