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                Calling all Secureworks Taegis Titans

                Meet the everyday cybersecurity heroes defending cyberspace By: Stacy Leidwinger, VP of Portfolio Marketing

                Defending against threats requires more than the latest solution or the most advanced algorithms — it requires the curiosity and dedication of everyday heroes who remain steady in the fight to defend every corner of cyberspace. This is a constant theme we’ve found in over 20 years of dedication to protecting against cyber threats. That’s why we're launching Secureworks Taegis™ Titans in recognition and honor of the leaders who add value and strengthen their organization’s defense as part of the Secureworks community of Taegis platform users.

                Whether they are champions of new technology who spearhead onboarding and collaborating with Secureworks, or thought leaders who share knowledge and resources that help Secureworks continually refine the Taegis platform, our Titans deserve their moment in the spotlight. These are customers who pave the way as advocates for stronger, future-ready security, creating value in their organizations and ultimately establishing effective security practices and policies to defend against the adversary.

                So, now is the time to start thinking: is there a Titan — or maybe even a team of them — working diligently in your midst? You’ll recognize them by their dedication to propelling the cybersecurity industry forward and sharing the contributions they’ve made using the Taegis platform. You might notice their improving security outcomes and the deep security experience that they pass on to leaders and teammates alike. You might even hear these Titans sharing real-life stories of threats discovered and diffused through their growing expertise and effectiveness.

                At Secureworks, we believe cybersecurity is a team sport — and we want to celebrate our team’s MVPs. Follow along with us as we get to know these inspiring professionals and the cybersecurity wisdom they have to offer.  To read more, checkout the published case study from Superior Credit Union - Credit Union Employs Proactive Security Approach with Taegis ManagedXDR.

                Taegis ManagedXDR delivers 24x7 managed detection and response. Download our free eBook on MDR Done Right to learn how we help customers defend effectively against cyber threats.

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