BSides Edinburgh 2017

Visit our team to participate in the VR & Crypto Contest challenges.

BSides Edinburgh 2017 Crypto Contest Challenge

In continuing support of the InfoSec community around the world, SecureWorks is excited to sponsor BSides Edinburgh, Scotland's first ever BSides conference.

Members of the SecureWorks Security & Risk Consulting (SRC) group are proud to contributing to BSides Edinburgh's amazing line-up of talks and training. Make sure you find time to see:

  • Aaron Guzman - Don't Get Caught Em-bed: Finding and Preventing Software Security bugs at its Lowest Level.
  • Christopher Carlis - Fighting User Apathy and Indifference

Don't miss the hands-on SecureWorks workshop:

  • Trenton Ivey - From Phish to Persist: A hands-on workshop will show how to chain different tactics and techniques together to get in, and stay in, a target environment via phishing.

Be sure to visit the SecureWorks booth for additional information, fun and prizes. Speak with members of the SecureWorks team on the front-lines of Information Security or play a round in a VR headset on and save the planet from a zombie apocalypse.

Crypto Contest

The SecureWorks Crypto Contest offers some fun and unusual challenges. Display a combination of skill, luck, and out-of-the-box thinking and you might not leave empty handed, we have some great prizes to win (rules apply):

  • Bash Bunny
  • WiFi Pineapple Nano
  • Fitbit Wristband
  • Minix Neo X8-H

Challenge 1:

Determine the message behind this strange box of text.

Challenge 2:

Please decode the following message, adding appropriate spacing as needed so the flag is readable.

Challenge 3:

Decipher the message from this transmission.

Contest Rules:

  • The first participant to successfully submit all completed challenges will be allowed choose the prize of their liking. If no one was able to finish all challenges, then selection will go to the participant(s) finishing the most challenges (in case of draw, we would have to select one person out of the lot).
  • At the end of the conference, participants that have successfully completed all challenges will be entered into a drawing for two of the remaining prizes.
  • Flags should be handed to the SecureWorks booth before 4:00PM GMT Friday, April 7th, 2017. Paper and pens will be provided.
  • The prize drawing takes place the same day 4:00PM GMT Friday, April 7th, 2017 at the SecureWorks booth. All participants who wish to enter the drawing are required to physically be present to collect their prize.

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