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                Brian Grime is a Taegis Titan

                This CIO doesn’t worry about cyber threats with Taegis Managed XDR By: Stacy Leidwinger, VP of Portfolio Marketing

                The fight against the adversary requires more than the latest technology and practices – it requires a team of everyday heroes who pave the way for stronger, future-ready security. We call these heroes Secureworks® Taegis™ Titans. They are thought leaders who, sharing the contributions they’ve made using the Taegis platform, ultimately help their organizations establish stronger security practices and policies to defend against cyber threats. Our first Taegis Titan in the spotlight is Brian Grime, CIO of Superior Credit Union.

                Q1: How does Taegis ManagedXDR help Superior Credit Union extract value from your existing security investments?

                A1: We use a third-party firewall [and] we have antivirus from a different company, but Secureworks helps make them work together for us, and report[s] back to us saying, “Here is what we are seeing.” You can have a violin playing, and it sounds great, but you put it in an orchestra, and it sounds that much better. If you can get all of it working together, you’ve got something.

                Q2: How has Secureworks addressed your challenge of outpacing internal cybersecurity resources?

                A2: If I wanted to start a security operations center … I’d have to hire six to eight people, plus I’ll need another couple hundred grand to set up the center itself with the tools we’re going to need. With Secureworks, that’s not going to happen. Investing in ManagedXDR is more cost effective for us than building out an internal SOC. I gain immediate access to a deep bench of very skilled, cross-disciplinary cybersecurity team members, and I lower my overall risk profile. This is a great win for us.

                Q3: How confident do you feel in your current security posture?

                A3: When I’m asked what keeps me up at night, my answer now is anything but cyber threats, because Secureworks is monitoring our environment 24/7.

                To read more, checkout the published case study from Superior Credit Union - Credit Union Employs Proactive Security Approach with Taegis ManagedXDR.

                Taegis ManagedXDR delivers 24x7 managed detection and response. Download our free eBook on MDR Done Right to learn how we help customers defend effectively against cyber threats.

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