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                Incident Management Retainer

                On-Demand Incident Response Specialist Access

                Secureworks® highly-skilled security consultant and threat research experts will partner with your organization to serve as an extension to your response team, ready to assist with preparing for and responding to complex cyber events, 24X7.

                Incident response engagements annually

                Years providing on-site IR services

                Incident Management Lifecycle Coverage

                The Secureworks Incident Management Retainer (IMR) is an agreement set up in advance of a cyber incident that entitles you to priority support, guaranteed SLAs and access to a wide range of incident response and security program readiness consulting services.


                Validate the effectiveness of your security program capability and continually improve incident readiness with consulting services integrated with front-line insights and risk-based methodologies.

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                Locate unknown adversary activity and validate the effectiveness of your detection and response capabilities with a wide range of Secureworks consulting services.
                incident management

                Respond Faster

                Accelerate response actions to minimize business impacts with enhanced response time SLAs and access to Secureworks purpose-built IR technologies.
                Is Poor Cyber Hygiene Creating an Industry Crisis? Our new Incident Response Insights Report finds different threat actors evolve to exploit the same systemic gaps in security basics.

                incident response readiness

                Proactive IR Services

                Proactively develop, assess and maintain your IR plan and staff capability for improved incident readiness.

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                • Program & Staff Readiness

                  Incident Response Readiness Assessment
                  Incident Response Plan Review / Development
                  Incident Response Workshops and Exercises

                  First Responder Training
                  Functional Exercise
                  Tabletop Exercise
                  Lessons Learned Workshop

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                penetration testing

                Testing, Investigative & Advisory Services

                Identify unknown vulnerabilities and weaknesses efficiently and effectively at scale.

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                incident response readiness

                Emergency IR Services

                Take efficient and effective response action to confirm, contain and eradicate the threat with context for actionable guidance and next steps to enable remediation.

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                • Emergency Incident Response

                  Incident Response Remote and On-site
                  Digital Forensic Analysis
                  Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

                  Emergency Incident Response →

                Urgent Incident Response

                If your organization needs immediate assistance for a potential incident or security breach, please contact us directly on our Incident Response Hotline.

                United States & Canada: 1-877-884-1110

                United Kingdom: 0808-234-1203