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              Response Services Available Immediately

              Secureworks™ incident response specialists are available to assist with cyber incident preparedness and response services across the entire incident management lifecycle.

              Expedite Response

              Expedite Response

              Trust the Secureworks IR team to assist with complex cyber events and cyber incidents 24 x7.
              Reduce Costs

              Reduce Costs

              Save time and reduce impact under a single contract with pre-negotiated terms, a discounted rate and global coverage.
              Prompt Support

              Prompt Support

              Receive rapid remote IR support and on-site IR support for several locations globally.

              We needed a plan we could train with, so we could improve our ability to identify an attack and respond appropriately. We also needed to know what our limitations are, so we can know when to escalate an incident and seek assistance from Secureworks.

              On-Demand Incident Response Specialist Access

              Highly skilled cyber incident responders and cyber threat researchers are at your service when you need it.

              Service Focused

              Secure availability of Proactive IR services and emergency IR services with SLAs during the entire contract term.

              Quick Assessment

              Leverage purpose-built endpoint sensors, network sensors and analytics for rapid incident evaluation at scale.

              Seasoned IR Specialists

              Turn to an accredited team of seasoned incident responders and researchers for closed-loop incident response services.

              Improved Response Capabilities

              Enhance readiness with a wide range of cyber incident preparedness services tailored to your cyber risk profile and capabilities.

              Urgent Incident Response

              If your organization needs immediate assistance for a potential incident or security breach, please contact us directly on our Incident Response Hotline.

              United States & Canada: 1-877-884-1110

              United Kingdom: 0808-234-1203