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              Respond and Remediate Quickly and Effectively

              Our accredited cyber incident response team backed with proprietary Secureworks Threat Intelligence and purpose-built response technologies helps you resolve complex cyber incidents at scale.

              Expedite Response

              Expedite Response

              Access priority assistance for both technical and non-technical response activities.
              Reduce Impact

              Reduce Impact

              Identify adversary actions to help effectively contain and mitigate business impact.
              Remediate Thoroughly

              Remediate Thoroughly

              Investigate beyond the initial symptoms to help identify root cause and block re-entry.

              In almost every case where software vulnerabilities were exploited by an adversary to gain access to a network or system, the vendor had released security patches for those vulnerabilities months beforehand.

              Don Smith, Senior Director, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) Operations & Analysis

              Expert Incident Response Assistance

              Secureworks accredited incident response services are backed with proprietary Threat Intelligence and purpose-built technologies to help you swiftly resolve complex cyber incidents.

              Return to Normal Faster

              Understand the full scope of a compromise to help speed response and mitigation efforts.

              Respond Across Environments

              Respond to single system attacks and full network intrusions, on-premise and in the cloud.

              Strengthen Cyber Defenses

              Identify adversary access points to respond effectively and help prevent future intrusions.

              Focus Response Efforts

              Collect facts and assess findings with tailored action plans and remediation guidance.

              Urgent Incident Response

              If your organization needs immediate assistance for a potential incident or security breach, please contact us directly on our Incident Response Hotline.

              United States & Canada: 1-877-884-1110

              United Kingdom: 0808-234-1203