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                Red Team Testing

                Measure Capabilities Against Real-Life Adversaries

                Test your defensive and response capabilities against a simulated real-life adversary with Secureworks™ Red Team Testing — tailored scenario-based tests performed by the industry’s highly experienced security testers.

                Gain Actionable Insight

                Gain Actionable Insight

                Understand your ability to withstand social, physical, network and application attacks.
                Improve Posture

                Improve Posture

                Focus capabilities and processes, and tune devices to detect and respond to advanced methods.
                Increase Confidence

                Increase Confidence

                Assess against real-world scenarios using the latest Threat Intelligence from the Secureworks CTU™.

                Tasked with unique testing objectives, expert testers start an engagement like any real-world attacker would, by gathering the information they need to meet their goal.

                Strengthen Posture Against Most Likely Threat

                We leverage artificial and human intelligence and unmatched visibility across the threat landscape to develop threat scenarios that pose the most risk to your organization. Secureworks testers combine various techniques to simulate the attacker.

                Proven Methodology

                Combines public industry methodology (NIST and PTES) with our experts’ advice and experience.

                Customized Scenarios

                Customized engagement goals based on latest view of the threat landscape and real-world risk to your organization.

                Testing Focused

                Performed by a dedicated team of the industry’s highly experienced security testers, on-site or remotely.

                Simulated Attacker

                Utilizes manual, blended methods and techniques, and repetition until simulated attacker goal is met.

                Talk with an Expert

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                United States & Canada: 1-877-838-7947

                United Kingdom: +44-0-131-260-3040

                Australia: +61 1800 737 817