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                Red Team Security Assessment Testing

                Measure Your Defense Capabilities Against Real-World Adversaries

                Secureworks® Adversary Group tests and exercises your organization’s detection and response, leveraging the latest threat intelligence, hands-on expertise, and proven methodologies. As a result, they enable organizations to enhance testing outcomes, proactively strengthen incident readiness, and boost your overall security posture.

                Measure Defense Capabilities Against Real-World Adversaries

                Today's Challenging Environment

                • Moving Target

                  Moving Target

                  Adversaries are constantly honing their craft and evolving their TTPs, and you must evolve with them. A robust and mature response program requires regular, varied tests that emulate the latest adversary.
                • Lacking Visibility

                  Lacking Visibility

                  Today’s security tool ecosystem is complex. Misconfigurations and gaps in visibility can hinder your ability to respond to real-world attacks. You need to proactively illuminate these to shore up defenses and tweak detections.
                • Building Readiness

                  Building Readiness

                  Without experience, it’s difficult to detect an adversary or respond adequately during an incident, significantly increasing risk and impact. Improving game-time experience against a skilled attacker within your own environment can make all the difference during an attack.

                Our Red/Purple Team Services

                Our Adversary Group delivers services to support the entire maturity spectrum. We help exercise your defenders and give them practical experience in responding to skilled adversaries to increase incident readiness.
                • Purple Team Testing

                  Purple Team Testing

                  Exercise your blue team and detection capability with a collaborative approach and pre-defined, live-fire threat scenarios.
                • Continuous Testing

                  Continuous Testing

                  Mature your response and detection capabilities with a programmatic approach to purple team testing.
                • Red Team Testing

                  Red Team Testing

                  Test your defenses and response against relentless, skilled, goal-seeking adversaries.
                Battle Test Your Defenses and Response

                Why Secureworks Red/Purple Team Testing

                Experience real-world attacks to arm yourself with new insights for improvement – without the negative impact. The Secureworks Adversary Group combines testing experience and an adversarial mindset with the latest threat intelligence from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) to simulate skilled real-world attackers. Veteran testers leverage insights from thousands of unique tests and use the latest adversary tactics and attack techniques to mount combined social, physical, network, and application attacks, mimicking the persistence and creativity of hackers. Our Adversary Group challenges and pushes your organization’s detection and response capabilities to its limits to help ensure you are well protected from the latest threats.

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