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                What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

                What is Threat Intelligence?

                Threat intelligence is more than just threat indicators or data points without context – it is actionable information that can guide security strategy and alert organizations to ongoing and emerging threats. The right data combined with expert analysis provides predictive information about the adversary, such as how they will gain access, pivot within the compromised network and exfiltrate data.

                Secureworks Threat Intelligence service provides the intelligence on WHO is creating the malicious activity and HOW the malicious activity is attacking the client’s environment. But more importantly, Secureworks Threat Intelligence can provide guidance on WHAT has happened in the client environment and the actionable next steps the clients can take to remediate the threat.

                Building Stronger Defenses Takes Actionable Intelligence

                Knowledge is power - not just in business, but also in the world of cybersecurity, where the ability to see and know more about the activities of threat actors empowers security professionals to do more about the dangers and risks organizations face.

                Making that knowledge usable and consumable however is challenging, and requires a dedicated team with deep visibility into the cyber underground.

                At Secureworks, we harness the power of our global network of clients to enhance our visibility into the threat landscape and provide additional context around threats to your IT environments regardless of country or industry – making our Threat Intelligence Services truly intelligent, and enabling clients to see more, know more, and do more to respond to threats quickly and effectively.

                Stay Informed: Threat Group Profiles

                The Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) Research Team has published Threat Group definitions and profiles. This resource includes a summary of the groups, their objectives, other aliases by which the groups are known, and the malware they use. Both criminal and government-sponsored Threat Groups are included.

                Learn More View Profiles
                Threat profiles

                How Leading-Edge Threat Intelligence Improves Incident Response

                As the threat landscape rapidly evolves, being able to protect, detect, and remediate is more important than ever. The most effective way to tackle these challenges is with threat intelligence and incident response working in harmony to form a virtuous circle. Learn more about the two-way relationship between Secureworks Threat Intelligence and Incident Response capabilities and how they can help improve your organization’s security posture.

                Read the white paper
                TI white paper
                Threat Intelligence Executive Report
                Threat Intelligence Executive Report 2022: Vol. 4

                The Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team analyzes security threats and helps organizations protect their systems. Read their latest Threat Intelligence report to dive deeper on the events and trends from the information security world from May through June 2022.

                2021 Global Threat Intelligence Summit

                Want to hear from the experts? Access exclusive and informative sessions led by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and outmaneuver the adversary.

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                TI Summit
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