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                When it Comes to SecOps, There is Strength in Numbers

                Partnering with Secureworks can help. By: Secureworks

                An effective Security Operations Center (SOC) needs to generate, consume and process diverse data at scale, 24x7x365 This requires organizations to invest a significant amount of time, capital, technology and people to truly protect their organizations. Having more than 20 years’ experience evolving our own SOC, as well as helping customers to transform their own security operations has certainly shown us the responsibility required to protect organizations--and the difficulty of going it alone.

                We apply what we learn every day, both internally and in our partnerships with customers. By listening to customers, we recognized that security leaders were balancing competing business priorities and often have security teams with varying levels of expertise and resources available to successfully grow their own security operations internally. As a result, we introduced modular service options, including Managed Detection & Response (MDR), built on a cloud-native platform that align to different organizations’ capabilities and needs.

                With MDR, we combine our expertise with software products integrated across security operations’ complete ecosystems. MDR brings together the power and analytics of Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response with 24x7 security analysis and incident response to quickly identify and remediate advanced threats at scale. This combination of human knowledge and world-class technology gives us the required insights into organizations’ unique threats within the overall threat landscape, creating an end-to-end security platform that can scale as security needs evolve.

                Investing in a trusted security partner like Secureworks is not only more cost-effective at 4.6x lower TCO – it’s more effective, period. With the power of our network effect, you benefit whenever new threats are detected, regardless of where they are found.

                Partnering with Secureworks can help you:

                1. Deliver more powerful SecOps at 4.6x lower TCO
                  And gain the freedom to focus on what you do best

                2. Uncover the unknown and mitigate cyber risk at scale
                  With coordinated visibility across endpoint, network, and cloud.

                3. Strengthen security in numbers
                  Put 20+ years of threat intelligence and research to work protecting the progress technology enables you to drive.

                4. Enable a no compromise approach to security
                  With a smarter and more effective SOC.

                5. Scale security operations
                  With a 24x7x365 threat detection and response unit

                Sec Ops Strength in Numbers

                Before you invest the time and money in growing your SOC alone, consider the business value of investing in a security partnership. Download our infographic to understand why, when it comes to SecOps, there is strength in numbers.


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