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              Manage Log Volume with Scalable Approach

              Log Management & Compliance Reporting provides a flexible management infrastructure that collects and indexes logs, helps satisfy compliance requirements, and expands as needs evolve.

              Searching & Retention

              Seamless Search Functionality

              Capture and store system logs for searching and investigative purposes.
              Powerful Reporting

              Powerful Reporting

              Deliver robust reporting for compliance and security posture needs.
              Scalable Approach

              Scalable Approach

              Simplify future storage concerns with sizing for today, and tomorrow.

              How to get a handle on the large volume of log traffic.

              Deploy An Effective Log Management System

              Log Management & Compliance Reporting helps satisfy security posture and regulatory compliance requirements for log collection, storage, and reporting, and supports an expandable range of log sources.

              Consolidate Management

              Capture and store system logs from IT devices, systems, and other network assets

              Demonstrate Compliance

              Automate log parsing and regulatory compliance reporting to help meet auditor requests

              Leverage Expertise

              Rely on knowledgeable log management support for formats, parsing, and reporting

              Grow As You Go

              Add terabytes of scalable storage at an effective price as your needs change

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