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                Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention

                Stop More Threats With Managed NGAV

                Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is more effective than signature-based antivirus, but also requires new skills. Managed NGAV provides stronger endpoint protection with less effort.

                Prevent More

                Prevent More

                Identify and stop new and advanced threats that may evade traditional antivirus.
                Increase Value

                Increase Value

                Leverage our experts to replace old technology and minimize the learning curve.
                Advanced Threat Services

                Actionable Alerts

                Reduce time wasted on false positives and suspicious but noncritical events.

                24x7 protection reduces costs and frees IT resources to focus on innovation

                Protect Endpoints Anywhere

                Managed NGAV helps prevent threats whether endpoints are inside or outside your organization, with no network connection required. Lightweight sensors deliver powerful protection to help stop threats without impacting users.

                Enriched Defense

                See more and defend faster with a combination of NGAV and Secureworks expertise.

                Simplified Maintenance

                Streamline maintenance with cloud management, including automatic updates and patches.

                Antivirus Replacement

                Certified antivirus replacement for PCI and HIPAA helps you maintain compliance.

                Streaming Prevention

                Analyze the attack sequence to stop more threats before they execute their payload.

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