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                Ransomware Readiness Assessment

                Reduce Ransomware Risk

                Secureworks® blends defensive and offensive security expertise with the most up-to-date security research to offer a comprehensive examination of your organization’s ransomware defense capability and incident readiness.

                The Ransomware Threat

                • Risking Your Reputation

                  Risking Your Reputation

                  Ransomware news coverage has moved from technology publications to the front pages of leading news organizations, representing an increased risk of reputational damage.
                • Compromising Your Financial Strength

                  Compromising Your Financial Strength

                  Cybercriminals are causing more negative financial impact than ever before, with ransom amounts increasing dramatically in recent years in addition to the costs related to halted security operations.
                • Requiring Better Detection

                  Requiring Better Detection

                  While ransomware actors exploit common vulnerabilities to gain initial access, they often evade traditional tools and solutions. This means your organization needs better preparation and stronger detection and response capabilities than ever before.

                Ransomware Preparedness Services

                Secureworks leverages our deep, proactive consulting expertise to offer a modular approach to evaluate your ransomware preparedness. Our goal? To enable you to adapt to the expanding ransomware threat based on your incident response (IR) program needs, objectives and maturity.

                • Active Directory Security Assessment

                  Identify vulnerabilities that are often exploited during post-intrusion ransomware attacks.

                • Ransomware CIRP Review and Exercise

                  Plan and exercise your ransomware readiness with focused IR advisory and tabletop scenarios.

                • Adversarial Testing

                  Identify weaknesses in detection and response through ransomware attack simulations delivered by testing experts who mimic ransomware actors.

                • Threat Hunting Assessment

                  Find ransomware threat actors that have evaded detections before they detonate.

                The Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness

                According to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey, there’s no question ransomware is top-of-mind for many business leaders, but few organizations feel totally prepared.

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                The Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness

                Why Choose Secureworks Ransomware Readiness Assessment?

                Incident Response Insights

                Incident Response Insights

                Secureworks designs incident readiness services and guides IR programs based on first-hand experience of the shortcomings and weaknesses that provide fertile ground for a ransomware attack.
                Real-world Expertise


                Our industry leading IR teams respond to ransomware or pre-ransomware incidents almost daily.
                Ransomware Research

                Ransomware Research

                Our approach provides access to IR experts, while also drawing on our adversarial security experts and the latest threat intelligence from our Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™, who is actively tracking a growing list of dozens of global ransomware groups.


                Leader in Incident Readiness Services

                IDC named Secureworks a leader in incident readiness services in the 2021 assessment of Incident Readiness vendors.

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                IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Assessment
                Learn more from our Ransomware Experts

                Emergency Incident Response

                If your organization needs immediate assistance for a potential incident or security breach, please contact us directly on our Incident Response Hotline.

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