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                Taegis™ VDR

                Automatically identify and prioritize risk for intelligent remediation.

                Simplify Vulnerability Management

                Stop managing vulnerability tasks manually, with a cloud-based, machine learning-powered solution that learns and improves over time. VDR doesn’t just provide you a list of vulnerabilities, but guidance on what to remediate first based on the context of your environment.

                Prioritizing Vulnerabilities Automate & Improve
                Taegis VDR

                Building Effective Vulnerability Management

                Learn How to Conquer Four Critical Challenges

                Business Value

                Prioritization Based on Context

                Intelligently Prioritize Risk

                Gain insight into vulnerabilities present across your environment and their risk score. Make educated decisions on which vulnerabilities to address first based on contextual prioritization that continuously analyzes the likelihood of vulnerabilities being exploited and their potential impact on your environment.

                Automate Manual Tasks

                VDR takes care of manual tasks that tie up your time, such as asset discovery, categorization, tagging and scan schedule management.

                A Holistic Approach

                Realize the essential aspects of a complete vulnerability management program with VDR, including machine and website discovery and scans with built-in prioritization and remediation tracking.


                A Solution that Keeps Getting Smarter

                VDR finds and reduces risk by prioritizing the vulnerabilities presenting the most risk to your environment, automates previously manual VM tasks, uses a machine learning-based, self-learning system that improves autonomously with use, and allows customers to eliminate reliance on multiple products.

                A fully integrated, comprehensive solution

                Realize the full elements of a complete vulnerability management program, including asset discovery for endpoints and web applications, built-in outlier asset identification, machine and connected device scanning, and integrated web application security testing.

                Self-learning, machine learning-driven performance improvement

                VDR improves its performance as it collects more data, such as prioritizing vulnerability with the unique context of your organization, false positive prediction and detection, identifying outlier assets, identifying predicted remediation timeframes for specific vulnerabilities, and prediction of short-term exploit publication.

                Automated, configuration-free approach

                Automation of manual tasks, including identification of business-critical assets, remediation-centric vulnerability grouping, thorough web asset discovery, scanning and discovery schedule handling, and continuously tracking the connection between machine and web assets.

                Built-in, meaningful contextual prioritization

                Automated, intelligent prioritization that understands the operational context of vulnerabilities, leveraging more than 40 internal and external factors to determine the risk of a vulnerability and provide remediation guidance tailored to the uniqueness of your organization.

                Featured Resources

                Software-Based Transformation

                The number of vulnerabilities continue to increase. Existing vulnerability assessment tools are difficult to use, cumbersome to set up, and require significant human intervention at multiple points in the day-to-day workflow. Organizations need a more holistic approach that uses the best of technology and contextual knowledge of your environment.

                Get a Tour of Red Cloak TDR

                Leveraging AI to Modernize Vulnerability Management and Remediation

                Technology in the vulnerability management community has, to this point, evolved little since the field’s initial days. Given the abundance of rich historic data, multi-dimensional risk elements, and a heretofore brute-force approach to remediation, the vulnerability management field appears ripe for AI exploitation.

                Go In-Depth
                Introducing Red Cloak Threat Detection & Response

                Make Vulnerability Management Work for You

                Vulnerability management is far more comprehensive than simply installing plug-and-play threat modules. Rather, it’s a daily exercise in defense, detection, response, and mitigating risk. The key is to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that carry the most risk for your organization. This webinar, presented in partnership with SC Media, will discuss how vulnerability management works and the impact it can have on your organization.

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                Explore the Importance of Threat Detection and Responses

                Redefining Vulnerability Prioritization

                Organizations must assess the risk of vulnerabilities discovered in their environment to prioritize remediation. This two-part blog series explores the value of a prioritization approach that is based on the unique context of an organization's environment and business realities.

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