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                Secureworks Taegis™ VDR

                Previously Secureworks VDP

                Software-Driven Vulnerability Management

                Learn how VDR delivers impact throughout each part of the vulnerability management process.

                Asset Discovery
                Asset Discovery
                Asset Discovery

                See Everything:

                • Asset delivery automation using artificial intelligence algorithms and a self-improving expert system
                • Software that sees and scans each asset across the network, whether it might be exposed internally or externally
                • Devices, machines, servers, and web applications are included, eliminating the need for additional web app security testing products
                Scanning & Identification
                Scanning & Identification
                Scanning & Identification

                Scan Intelligently and Autonomously:

                • Automated scanning on every discovered asset across the network
                • Autonomously scan all IT assets, including devices, machines, servers, and web applications
                • No need for other scanning tools
                Vulnerability Prioritization
                Vulnerability Prioritization
                Vulnerability Prioritization

                Intelligently Prioritize:

                • Machine learning engine for pre-identification of false positives
                • Prioritization with context to determine what vulnerabilities are most important
                Remediation Management
                Remediation Management
                Remediation Management

                Remediate Faster:

                • Prioritization of remediation steps for rapid, more effective action
                • Risk-aware remediation recommender analyzes needed actions to reduce risk and prioritize next steps
                • Remediation packages to drive operational efficiency

                A Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program Should Include the Following Elements:

                VDR provides a complete vulnerability management solution that eliminates the need to purchase, maintain, and combine multiple vulnerability management products. Instead, our artificial intelligence engine exploits data captured across all steps of the vulnerability management process in a unified, automated, intelligent manner.

                • Machine Discovery and Scanning

                  The discovery and scanning elements of VDR software auto improves as our machine learning engine collects and leverages data across our ecosystem.

                • Web Application Discovery and Security Testing

                  VDR automates the discovery of all web applications, and continuously tracks the critical connection between web apps and machine assets.

                • Automated Prioritization

                  Automated, meaningful, intelligent prioritization can confidently tell you what you need to fix first as our artificial intelligence engine consumes data around 40+ factors - internal and external.

                • Intelligent Remediation Planning

                  Precious remediation resources are not wasted patching lower risk vulnerabilities, and therefore maximum risk reduction is achieved for a given amount of remediation resources committed.

                What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

                Why VDR?

                Your Network is Unique to Your Enterprise. So is Your Vulnerability Risk.

                Why Taegis VDR?

                Fully Integrated, Comprehensive Solution

                Holistic view of network vulnerabilities across machines, connected devices, and web applications

                Automated, Configuration-Free Approach

                Automation of as much of the vulnerability management process as possible provides substantial time and resource savings

                Self-Learning, Machine Learning-Driven Performance Improvement

                Machine learning-based platform improves its performance as it collects data over time, benefiting all customers

                Built-In, Meaningful Contextual Prioritization

                Understanding operational context of an asset and unique characteristics of a network
                vulnerability prioritization
                Contextual Prioritization

                Our innovation-driven culture is delivering several capabilities unique to our solution, but our Contextual Prioritization differentiator is leading the way.

                Only Secureworks conducts vulnerability prioritization using the context of the vulnerability’s environment on your network, an analysis that accounts for more than a dozen internal factors. This, combined with another dozen or more external factors yields a vulnerability management priority informed by a comprehensive view of the vulnerability unique to your environment.

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                Using artificial intelligence to streamline operations and reduce risk

                Solution Briefs

                Automating Vulnerability Management

                Automating Vulnerability Management

                Modern vulnerability management that minimizes manual effort with an automated, configuration-free approach

                White Papers

                Prioritizing Network Vulnerabilities

                Prioritizing Network Vulnerabilities

                Analyzing your options for determining what to remediate first

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