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                Taegis™ NGAV Add-On

                Prevent More Advanced Threats with Taegis NGAV Add-On for XDR and ManagedXDR.

                Prevent More Known and Unknown Endpoint Threats

                Stop most endpoint attacks automatically with next-generation machine learning models. Reduce the volume of threats that must be investigated in Taegis XDR, while enriching investigations with endpoint context.

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                Taegis ManagedXDR

                Business Value

                Reduce Risk and Maximize Security Effectiveness

                Automatically Stop Endpoint Threats

                Protect endpoints from fileless, polymorphic, and other known and unknown threats, with machine learning.

                Minimize Downtime and User Disruption

                Maintain end user productivity with resource efficient security that does not slow down their machines.

                incident Response Remote Onsite

                Reduce Incident Response Workload

                Decrease the volume of threats that must be investigated, saving analysts time.


                Defend the Endpoint

                Boost endpoint threat prevention with the Taegis NGAV Add-On for Taegis XDR and ManagedXDR.

                Next-Generation Prevention Technology

                Advanced machine learning models trained to your environment help disrupt unknown and advanced endpoint threats.

                Local Machine Learning Models

                Helps Ensure devices are protected without requiring frequent updates, even when offline.

                Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

                Works with the Secureworks endpoint agent to deliver a comprehensive endpoint security solution.

                Prevention Add-On to Taegis XDR and ManagedXDR

                Taegis XDR and ManagedXDR offer comprehensive threat prevention, detection, and response to help organizations reduce risk, improve security operations, and accelerate ROI for Security and IT teams.

                Prevent Ransomware Attacks: Ransomware Report 2021 Vol. 1

                Recent headlines have brought increased attention to an old problem: ransomware. Learn how to prevent the three most common ransomware attack vectors and how to use risk-based vulnerability management to prevent ransomware.

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