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                Taegis™ Log Management Add-On

                Maintain Your Log Data in Taegis with Flexible Retention Options

                Fulfill Your Log Retention Needs with Taegis

                Collect, store, access, and search logs across a variety of data sources. Retain data for one year as part of Taegis™ XDR, with flexible options for up to three years of data retention.

                Log Management Add-On for XDR

                Business Value

                log management

                Store What You Need

                Access and search data from various sources, including EDR tools, API data, and syslog data forwarded to Taegis data collectors.

                One Year Included

                Retain your data for 12 months as part of your Taegis XDR subscription, with predictable pricing options for longer retention periods.

                Value Beyond Log Retention

                Use data not just to satisfy compliance regulations, but to amplify alert investigations, threat hunting, and reporting.



                Flexible Log Storage

                Includes standard data storage volume per endpoint, with upgraded capacity available for additional storage needs

                Wide Range of Sources

                Capture and store syslog data received through Taegis data collectors, events from currently supported sources that are received but not normalized, plus data from non-supported syslog sources

                Comprehensive Searching

                Use the Advanced Search function in Taegis to query across all your log data sources

                Powerful Reporting

                Deliver the reports containing the data you need to illustrate your security posture

                Is your SIEM pulling its weight?

                Learn about current SOC challenges and whether XDR could act as a SIEM complement or a complete alternative in this on-demand webinar.

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