Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Deploy the power of superior detection and impactful threat intelligence with Secureworks® Taegis™ Managed iSensor™, our proprietary network intrusion prevention system.

Why Taegis Managed iSensor

Safeguard Your Network from the Adversary

Superior Detection

Superior Detection

Inspect traffic to detect and prevent network-based threats.

Custom Security

Impactful Threat Intelligence

Benefit from Secureworks threat research to identify and block malicious traffic.

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility

Add powerful network technology to increase the view of your environment.


Protect Your Network with IPS Driven by Threat Intelligence

Benefit from iSensor’s combination of powerful network and impactful threat intelligence developed by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team, all in a fully-managed solution.

Superior Network Detection

Unlock the power of the Taegis platform and iSensor technology to scour your network traffic for threat actor activity.

  • 24/7 monitoring of traffic traversing through your network
  • Detect malicious threat actor activity
  • Block threats before they can make an impact

Powerful Threat Intelligence

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit research and countermeasures are included in iSensor to keep you ahead of threat actors.

  • Thousands of unique countermeasures developed by the CTU
  • Compare potential threats to threat intelligence signatures integrated in iSensor
  • Current threat intelligence countermeasures are constantly updated based on research of new threats

Expert Device Management and Support

Shed the burden of keeping your IPS technology up to date as Secureworks fully manages iSensor.

  • Threat intelligence countermeasures update automatically
  • Software updates and configuration changes handled by Secureworks
  • Monitoring and patching for critical vulnerabilities done by Secureworks

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