Cyber Risk Partners

Refer our cross-disciplinary incident response expertise and proactive security solutions to help your customers reduce risk and address incidents.

Why Partner With Secureworks

The Secureworks Partner Advantage for Cyber Risk Partners

Secureworks delivers proactive cybersecurity solutions and exceptional breach services around the globe. Our wide range of security expertise enables cyber risk partners to help their clients reduce risk.


Leading Impact and Cost Mitigation

Secureworks has been a leader in threat detection and risk mitigation for over two decades.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Joint Path to Revenue and Growth

Highly competitive, pre-approved pricing and business terms, referral agreements, and more.


Targeted Services and Technology

Portfolio of solutions to help partners assist clients prior to, during, and after a breach. 



Through a combination of technology and services, Secureworks solutions help customers reduce their cyber risk – no matter where they are in their cyber insurance journey. 


Develop and stress test incident response processes to prepare for the latest cyber threats through response process and plan reviews, exercises, workshops, threat hunting, and readiness assessments. To help build resiliency, the Secureworks Taegis™ cybersecurity analytics platform for Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Vulnerability Management (VDR), or Managed Detection and Response (MDR) can be implemented.

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Quickly assess, understand, and resolve an incident. Our team provides digital forensics, malware analysis, and threat intelligence analysis capabilities to find the adversary and develop a plan to evict quickly. We work directly with your client for remediation across all systems and infrastructure to deliver comprehensive risk mitigation and fast return to normal.



Proactively assess, develop, and maintain their incident response plan and cybersecurity programs for improved incident readiness that can reduce cyber claims and future costs. To prevent future events, Taegis can be implemented to detect the most advanced threats, streamline collaboration, and automatically spotlight the most important actions to take first.

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Partner Program for Cyber Risk Partners

Secureworks offers unique benefits for insurance providers, cyber insurance brokers, and breach counsel to help their clients prevent and respond to cyber events.


Insurance Providers

Minimize financial costs post breach while helping improve security risk posture overall.

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Leverage proven risk mitigation solutions to help improve insurability and reduce insurer risk.

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Breach Counsel

Improve security risk posture with advanced detection, investigations, and automated response. 


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Refer our cross-disciplinary incident response expertise and proactive security solutions to help your customers reduce cyber risk and address incidents. 

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