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Navigating Cybersecurity with an Effective SOC

navigating cybersecurity with an effective soc

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Uncover which SOC model is best for your needs.

What You’ll Learn

  • The role of today’s modern SOC
  • SOC types and how to determine your best fit
  • How to measure SOC effectiveness

Security Operations Centers (SOC) are essential for organizations to quickly detect, analyze, and respond to cyber incidents. Organizations need to decide whether an internal, hybrid, or outsourced SOC model is best for them, and then ensure they use the right metrics to measure its performance for continued security while remaining aligned with business objectives.

In this paper, learn how to navigate your options, including the criteria you need to consider when determining whether to manage your own SOC, outsource to a vendor, or take a hybrid approach. If you have a SOC in place, learn how to gauge its effectiveness.