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Cloud Security Questions for your RFP

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Selecting a cloud MSSP involves strategic considerations

What you’ll learn:

Download the Secureworks RFP template that can assist you in outlining cloud security considerations and criteria for any vendor selection process.

Whether you're issuing a less formal RFI or a fully-structured RFP, there are many considerations when selecting a Cloud Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Outline your organizational goals and determine the criteria needed for your unique needs to short list and select the right Cloud MSSP that balances on-premises consideration with hybrid IT and public cloud computing.

Issuing an RFP takes time and yet not all RFPs are created equal. Overly long RFPs take valuable time on your part to evaluate and may prompt well-qualified firms to sit out. Clear expectations up front help ensure that objectives and criteria are fully addressed and documented by candidates. Look for a cloud services provider that can develop into a long term relationship over one to three years.