Prioritizing Cybersecurity Risk in Manufacturing

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Hear which threats are targeting manufacturing from our Director of Intelligence, Mike McLellan

Speaker: Mike, McLellan - Director of Intelligence
Recorded: June 3, 2021
Duration: 20 Mins

What you’ll learn:

  • The threats manufacturing companies need to worry about
  • Lessons to learn from recent high-profile attacks
  • How the threat landscape translates into risk

2021 has seen a dazzling array of targeted campaigns, high-profile ransomware attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities and supply chain compromises. Most organizations are wondering what threats they need to worry about, and what lessons they should take from this year’s attacks.

A clear understanding of the threat landscape is critical to answering these questions. You also need to assess what risk threats pose the business and the ability of your security controls to mitigate the risk. This talk looks at how prioritizing threats can lead to cost savings, saved time, and can protect you against becoming a high-profile breach victim.