Meet Taegis™ XDR: The Engine Behind Extended Detection and Response

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Discover how XDR can transform the efficiency and efficacy of your security posture.

Speakers:  Ed Martin, Director of Product Management
Curt Yasm, Sr. Product Manager, Threat Investigations
Recorded: April 21, 2021
Duration: 57 Mins


What you’ll learn:

  • Beyond industry hype: Why XDR?
  • The vision behind the formation of Taegis
  • Discover the Power of X: How Taegis XDR accelerates SecOps efficiency and extends SecOps efficacy

XDR is rising in prominence and adoption among the cybersecurity community. But beyond the industry hype and market buzz, what is XDR and why should you care? This webinar will answer this question to give you a better understanding of this emerging solution and how it can help your organization.

We’ll also introduce Taegis, our security analytics platform that combines the power of human intellect with the data-driven insights. You’ll hear about the vision behind Taegis and how it transforms the way organizations detect, investigate, and respond to complex cyberattacks.