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How to Make Vulnerability Management Work for You

How to Make Vulnerability Management Work for You

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Discover how vulnerability management can transform your security program.

Speaker: Pierre-David Oriol, Senior Product Manager
Recorded: April 14, 2021
Duration: 30 Mins


What you’ll learn:

  • How vulnerability management integrates with other data security strategies
  • The importance of managing and mitigating vulnerabilities
  • How vulnerability management has evolved and will continue to in the future

Vulnerability management is far more comprehensive than simply installing plug-and-play threat modules. Rather, it’s a daily exercise in defense, detection, response, and mitigating risk. The key is to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that carry the most risk for your organization.

This webinar, presented in partnership with SC Media, will discuss how vulnerability management works and the impact it can have on your organization. You’ll learn how to integrate vulnerability management with other security strategies to maximize your security operations. You’ll also hear about how a risk-based vulnerability management solution using AI and machine learning can help you identify and prioritize the risks present in your environment.

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