From Defence-in-Depth to Defence-in-Concert

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Defence-in-depth is no longer fit for purpose. A new approach of defence-in-concert is your best chance to stop threats.

Simon Godfrey, Senior Director: EMEA Head of Sales (Event Host)
Gopan Sivasankaran, Senior Manager: Solutioning MEA (Feature Presentation)
Taha Benssiba, Account Executive (Panel Moderator)
Ritesh Singhai, Senior Director Solutions EMEA (Secureworks Panellist)
Najib Rahal, Chief Information Officer, Investcorp
Vikalp Shrivastava, Vice President: Information Security & Compliance, Kerzner International
Recorded: June 30, 2021
Duration: 95 Mins

Key topics covered across the feature presentation and the discussion include:

  • How does XDR differ from SIEM?
  • How does MDR differ from MSS?
  • How does a SIEM based MSS service differ from an XDR-based MSS service?
  • Building your own SOC vs. outsourcing
  • Defence in Concert vs. Defence in Depth

The Defence-in-Depth approach to security was a mistake. View this on-demand event to hear why adopting Defence-in-Concert is the best way forward for security teams.