Driving Security Efficacy with XDR, TDR, and MDR

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A conversation with Dave Gruber of ESG

Speaker: Ed Martin, Product Management Director, Secureworks | Dave Gruber, Senior Analyst, ESG
Recorded: Dec 17, 2020
Duration: 59 mins

You’ll learn how security teams are thinking about how and where XDR can:

  • help drive improved business outcomes
  • work together with SIEM and other SOC tools
  • be introduced to add immediate value
  • work together with MDR services to improve response times

Security teams continue to struggle with identifying and rapidly responding to advanced threats. Many organizations see extended detection and response (XDR) as the path to overcoming this struggle, leading to increased security efficacy.

In this webinar, presented in partnership with ESG, hear about the promise and potential of XDR as it gains momentum in the industry. ESG will share insights from their recent industry research on how security teams are thinking about XDR, and where they think it can help. The full body of research is presented in the ESG eBook, The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC. 

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