Lessons from the SolarWinds Breach and Next Steps for Cybersecurity

SolarWinds and the Next Steps for Cybersecurity

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Our experts analyze the SolarWinds breach and share key takeaways for the security industry.

Speaker: Jeffrey Carpenter, Secureworks, Senior Director of Incident Response

What you’ll learn:

  • A breakdown of the attack
  • Analysis of threat actor behavior and what we can learn from it
  • What Secureworks researchers and responders believe you need to know in order to outpace and outmaneuver the threat

The SolarWinds Orion software compromise was major news. The breadth of organizations potentially impacted was large, and investigations into the initial incident uncovered an exploit of an unknown (zero-day) vulnerability in the software.

In this video, our incident response and Counter Threat Unit™ experts discuss the attacks and the lessons we can draw from them, including measures you can take to help keep your organization secure in a post-Solarwinds environment.