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Threat Intelligence Executive Report 2017: Vol 3

 Threat Intelligence Executive Report

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Our CTU researchers provide their analysis of global threat events and adversary trends for March and April 2017

What you will learn:

  • Criminal campaigns leveraging exploits disclosed by the Shadow Brokers group highlight the importance of vulnerability management processes and timely patching
  • A threat group created online social media profiles to build trust relationships with would-be victims
  • An advanced threat group targets the supply chains of large organizations as part of a global cyberespionage campaign
  • Quickly evicting threat actors from a compromised environment without a full understanding of their access can increase the scope and time of a comprehensive eviction

Advanced insights from Secureworks Threat Intelligence offer early warning of emerging threats that could undermine your sensitive data and intellectual property.


As sophisticated attacks increase and global threat actors demonstrate greater adaptability, CTU researchers encourage organizations to consider the lessons learned from these incidents when planning and prioritizing cybersecurity strategies and operations. Implementing security best practices could limit the likelihood and impact of many intrusions, and understanding and addressing threat behaviors could help organizations anticipate and disrupt breaches and security incidents.