November 2016 Threat Intelligence Executive Summary Report

Threat Intelligence Executive Summary Report for November 2016

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Review the events and trends from the information security world last month

What you will learn:

  • ZERO-DAY VULNERABILITIES EXPLOITED - Threat actors exploited Windows and Flash Player vulnerabilities prior to vendors issuing out-of-band updates
  • DEVICES CAUSED DATA LEAKS - Researchers discovered data leaks in sensitive networks from devices that were not originally intended to be connected to the Internet
  • RANSOMWARE CHANGED TACTICS - Ransomware experimented with delivery mechanisms and varied encrypted file formats and extensions
  • BANKING TROJAN REUSED CODE - Code from the defunct Dyre banking trojan was reused in the TrickBot banking malware
  • GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS TARGETED - Politically inspired threat actors targeted governmental departments and organizations
  • ATTACKS PROMPTED GOVERNMENT RESPONSE - The Mirai botnet DDoS attacks prompted legislators to propose solutions and implement rules

Threat Intelligence provides the power to protect your organization against emerging cybersecurity threats.

Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) security intelligence research team delivers this power by offering learnings and observations of the cyber threat landscape in a monthly Threat Intelligence Executive Summary.