April 2016 Threat Intelligence Executive Summary Report

SecureWorks Threat Intelligence Executive Summary for April 2016

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Presented by the Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) Research Team

What you will learn:

  • Systems Exposed - Vulnerabilities in ubiquitous corporate products and mobile devices presented lucrative targeting opportunities
  • Lax Policies = Risks - Misconfigurations and lax security policies introduced risks for data theft, financial fraud, and further compromises
  • Ransomware Reigned - Ransomware was the most popular malware type in March, which led to many more infections and innovations than other malware types this month
  • Financial Organizations Hit - Threat actors focused on targets in the financial vertical
  • Encryption Debate Unresolved - The FBI unlocked a terrorist's iPhone without Apple's assistance, continuing the war between encryption and law enforcement access

Threat Intelligence provides the power to protect your organization against emerging threats.

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team delivers this power by offering learnings and observations of the cyber threat landscape in a monthly Threat Intelligence Executive Summary.