2021 State of the Threat: A Year in Review

Ransomware. Supply-chain exploits. Zero-day attacks. Cryptojacking. Cyber threats have taken over 2021 — and they show no sign of stopping.

2021 State of the Threat: A Year in Review
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Key Findings from State of the Threat

  • This 40+ page report comprehensively examines the adversary’s ongoing innovation and evolution of tried-and-true TTPs like ransomware, business email compromise, zero-day threats, espionage, and more
  • You’ll read about some of the biggest attacks rolling across news headlines, as well as how both the government and security industry are responding to the rising need for risk mitigation

Ransomware remains the number one threat for most organizations.


2021 has seen increased use of zero-day exploits by threat actors, compared to 2020.


Just like ransomware, other types of cybercrime continue to flourish.


The role of security controls around authentication will remain crucial.


State-sponsored activity remains targeted and narrowly focused.


Cybercriminal and state-sponsored threat actors continue to leverage widely available offensive security tools (OSTs) in network intrusions.

How Secureworks Created State of the Threat

How Secureworks Created State of the Threat

The Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit gains thorough visibility of the threat landscape from a range of resources. To help compile this report, Secureworks experts analyzed a combination of over 1,400 incident response engagements, trillions of event logs from customer telemetry, and considerable technical as well as tactical insight from over 85 researchers.

With this keen intel, the CTU™ possesses a unique, unrivaled level of visibility into global threat actor intent, capability, and activity.

Download the report now for a detailed visualization of the threats the CTU has come across, the intelligence gathered from these engagements, and advice on securing your most valuable business assets.


proactive and reactive incident response engagements per day

2 Billion

logs per day


researchers focused on understanding the threat

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